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    ST0RM53 Guest
    Yeah. It is ps2 emulation. So 40gb ps3 can't run elfs. You can try other emulators, the most will work as any normal ps2 game. Only a 1% doesn't work. I tried pgen and super nes emulator, and both are working fine.

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    supersaiyan3 Guest


    if i do this will the ps2 original games that say region locked work on my ps3?

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    ST0RM53 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by supersaiyan3 View Post
    if i do this will the ps2 original games that say region locked work on my ps3?
    Anything that is REGION LOCKED can be bypassed with a same MEDIA HIGHER TOC game/dvd/bdvd and maybe also backup PS3 games (can't test since i haven't got a blu-ray burner) with a SINGLE SWAP. CDs with cds, dvds with dvds and so on!

    BTW, tomorrow, i am going 2 army... in my country i must go 2 years to army.. of course in some months i'll be in a higher position, and also in 10-14 days i'll be out for 24hours i think, so i can answer all yours questions!

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    DrFrankenstein Guest
    I am a little confused, So if i don't have an original SM disc and a unmodded PS3 can I use this as described above.

    Or will the file package above do it all. So i dont have to crack open my ps3?

    Thanks guys sorry to be a bit dumb

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ST0RM53 View Post
    The elf is booting from the usb stick (a psp in my case). What you can do, use your swap magic 3 dvd to boot mine bootable dvd, so you can copy usbd.irx into the virtual memory card (mc0:/BEDATA-SYSTEM/) first. Then you can boot just fine.

    Also look you swapmagic manual about your SMBOOT buttons, coz a different version may have different key mappings. Also i just use the SM coder coz it has better usb regognition, and also doesn't have key mappings that suck, instead it has a nicely done menu.
    Thanks for your reply. It seems I need SM 3 at least in order to use SMBOOT. I don't think my old SM 2 will boot an ELF.

    I was wondering though, does it allow you to load the USB Extreme ELF (PS2 ISO loader for USB HDD)? Anyone try it?

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    perzian111 Guest
    I have a 60gb ntsc ps3 and swap magic 3.6. I got the BEDATA-SYSTEM in the mc0:/ with the USBD.irx and when I quit, and when I reboot swap magic and hold up and push L1 it just locks up in a black screen.

    what did i do wrong?

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    y2kgt Guest
    I have the old SM 2.0 DVD as well. So, if anybody finds out a way to do this with the 2.0 let us know. I will try some more things, but if not I probably will buy the new 3.6 or 3.8 version.

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    sephiroth25 Guest


    small precision, the file usbd.irx must be a specific version to work. we need a version 0.13, 0.14, 0.15, 0.16 or 0.17 usb driver if it does not, as I have already explained when I discovered (http://uptv.ovh.org/index.php?option...id=13&Itemid=2)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I haven't checked (not into running EMU's on PS3 right now) but another version may be in this pack, which was added a few days before this guide when the initial video tutorial first came online:

    PSXLoader For PS3 PS2 Emulator File Pack: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/downlo...o=file&id=3971

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    DarkArchon Guest

    Swap Magic 3.8 Coder Edition

    Hi, I ended up buying the swap magic 3.8 coder edition and having trouble understanding what to do with this. The mapped hotkey's don't work (r1+up ect..) and I read the manual for booting a usb device and asks to go to the SMBOOT menu and boot SMBOOT0 (im assuming).

    This brings to a blank screen and doesnt do anything. I think my problem is that i need to access your disc to backup things to the memory card (am i right)? So I tried simply swapping the disc with the burnt disc with no success (using the normal boot), and also tried swapping with a ps2 disc (GTA3, GT3) then swapping to the burnt disc and nothing.

    Is there something im missing as i really would like to play mega-drive / SNES on the ps3 (without linux). Thanks.

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