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    ST0RM53 Guest

    Post Tutorial: Play Wolf3D on PS3!

    Hey! Back again. I know that all of u want to play again those old but amazing Dos games so lets get to work. It's really fast! So let's start:

    1) Login with root in GNOME enviroment. We will need DosBox. The easiest way is to download these repos.

    2) Extract the repos. and copy them to "/etc/yum.repos.d" Overwrite if necessary.

    3) Then open up the terminal and type: "yum install dosbox" and press enter. Then it will start searching for repos and then ask u if you want to download. type "y" and press ender. It will download and install DosBox and SDL automatically.

    4) As the terminal works, download this demo version of Wolfenstein 3D and extract it at the Desktop. A folder named "wolfenstein" will appear.

    5) Now when the install has been finished, type dosbox at the terminal and press enter. Dosbox will start. To mound a C: drive with Wolf3d files in it type: "mount c: /root/Desktop/wolfenstein" and press enter. (notice i leave space after the : )

    Then type "c:" and press enter. Now run the exe with: "WOLF3D.EXE" and press enter. Wolfenstein will start! Enjoy!

    prb F.A.Q

    How i run the terminal?
    Go to the top taskbar. At the left: Applications>>Accesories>>Terminal

    When i typed yum install dosbox, the Terminal says: "Nothing to do" or whatever

    Then you must missed the repos. If the repos don't work, you must download and compile both sdl and dosbox from the source. A read me of how to compile them is included in their packarges.


    I recommend that u use everytime and awhile this cmd at the terminal: yum update This cmd updates the repocitories to their latest version, but don't do it know, it will take time. Just leave it for a night..

    Remove the quotes ("") at all the parts of the tutorial.

    Notice that Dosbox can start from the taskbar: Aplications>>Accesories>>DOSbox

    Everytime you restart dosbox the c: unmounts. To bypass this you must edit the dosbox.conf file.

    First open up DosBox and when it starts, type "config -writeconf /root/dosbox.conf" and press enter. A "dosbox.conf" file will be create in /root folder. Then type "exit" and press enter to exit DOsbox (u must do this). Then go to /root and overwrite the dosbox.conf with the one here (extract it first). Then the next time you start dosbox, WOLF3D will be automatically mount and run! Nice!

    END! Enjoy!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I gave you a and +100 credits.. nice job ST0RM53!

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    ST0RM53 Guest
    thz aint nothing! :P u have my support!

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    Desi Guest
    Sweet tutorial Storm. Will give this a shot asap.

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    slastrina Guest
    Does it run at full speed?

    im gonna test it when i get home, ill probably test some other classic dos games.


    Tried Duke Nukem was a bit laggy though

    i love playin that old wolfenstein classic was one of my favourites once

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    ST0RM53 Guest
    Tried Duke Nukem was a bit laggy though
    yeah some games aren't supported very well. see dosbox comparability list. I play wolf d with sound and mouse. it's perfect!

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    thenicos Guest
    Great Tutorial. Gonna give it a try right now.


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    ST0RM53 Guest
    Try it. I think is almost a flawless tutorial. Try and comment or question if you want help! :P

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    embrion Guest
    Nice one. I'm wondering about ScummVM

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    ST0RM53 Guest
    What's ScummVM?;p (a game probably)

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