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    Apr 2005
    An emulator for LucasArts games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Zak McKraken, etc (very cool games!)

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    May 2007
    lol i wasn't even born when it was made! anyway, i'm busy with exams right know, so i haven't got the time to look it, but i think it's isn't hard for someone to just search for a ppc linux application and then compile it, and see if it works (he/she might also need to find additional packages to compile). Sure rpms are better

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    Mar 2007
    haha nice, reminds me of the good old days of doom

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    Quote Originally Posted by embrion View Post
    Nice one. I'm wondering about ScummVM
    I tried ScummVM on my Ubuntu.. Worked like a charm.

    Regards, Tobber...

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    Mar 2006
    ScummVM works on Fedora Core and Yellowdog too.
    It does work quite well on the PS3

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    Thanks! I will try it on fedora 7!

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    Man this made my day even though I'm getting some lag here and there between levels and when there are too many enemies around.

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    May 2007
    ^_^ it's nc 2 see people like it!<3 btw, i could made a tutorial about making binary of spu-media-lib (it's about unlocking rsx) but it only works on i have ydl, and i haven't finished it to the end.. (i got bored :P)

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    ive tested it on yellow dog it works at full speed, although i think we should work on more up to date games.

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    Maybe we should compile a list of games that work well? Using different methods and a tutorial? I'm wondering if HOMM will work..

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