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    Field Guest
    Hi Racer0018,

    You can use Hex Workshop or 010 Editor (or any other Hex program). Within the hex are the words. Umm how to explain this

    So after you've extracted the EBOOT.BIN from the pkg using Sony SDK 'make_package_npdrm' or the app that was released a week ago - PKGView

    Example I'll use is the Backup Manager. You open it with hex editor. I'll be using Hex Workshop, let me know if you'd prefer another one and I can explain that if possible. At the start you'll see, on the right are number 53 42 45 00 etc etc - note those numbers make up SCE. Scroll down you eventually see [offset 330368 [0x00050A80] again numbers on your right, and on the left 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected game?' these words translate to hex. If I was to change the capital A (41) to a small a, it'll become 61. I'm not an expert on hex stuff, I just like to have a look and suss out random patterns that might lead to clues. So with regard to changing the LAUN12345, you just type over it

    On the right you'll see 4C 41 55 4E 31 32 33 34 35 [LAUN12345] so now by changing to ie NPEA90027 it'll now show 4E 50 45 41 30 30 32 37

    Some EBOOT.BIN might not show words, but most do as they are the main executable, so therefore they need to display the errors that the end user may encounter, or secret msg, or words telling the end user info regarding the program. Some will also have the directories that it needs to install to - ie Backup Manager

    From memory you won't see any words hex editing the PKG as it's just a container, like rar, zip etc - except for the name of the pkg at the start.

    Hope this helps racer0018, and sorry for the late reply.

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    You were playing Reach on your jailbroken PS3?! j/k

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    Field Guest
    LOL, I wish. The PS3 is more reliable than the Xbox. Short game though. Finished it in 7 hours and 45 minutes. But it was a good 7 hours.

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    Field Guest
    Finally got my device. The Maximus AVR USB. Seems to work fine. At the start, it would like the AerialX [with apploader and lv2 poke] hex files, so had to use MAX_AVRUSB_psgroove.hex.

    So I had previously made a Ninja Backup ... err well a Ninja PS3 FTP app and installed that. I had left the original The Last Guy Trail on the console, and when I checked the file size it had jumped up to 230mb, whoops, so probably best to delete the PSN demo before you install the app. Though in saying that, what was interesting was that the background image was still there, so basically installing it overwrote the original PSN demo, but must have kept the USRDIR and cache files.

    So clicked on The Last Guy link and thinking that it would load the actually game, it booted to the lovely PS3FTP app. Connected and after running back and forth with connection errors - but otherwise very productive, am in the process of backing up the flash and HD directories. Hooray!

    Once I've got a bit more time and have backed up everything, I'm going to just copy and paste an EBOOT.BIN over Super Rub n Tub PSN Demo and try that - as I've kinda suggested that would be a better option lol [esp since the FTP app has been created]

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    twitch Guest
    Field if you did this and it worked could you please share the file? I would love a ninja FTP and BM and I don't have the sdk set up yet. Thanks.

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