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Thread: Tutorial on How to Make Your Ninja Backup Manager

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    randalf Guest
    Fantastic guide, has worked very hard all these days back, keeping the thread always active, and of course thank you, + Rep

    If you think I can prove ninja manager.pkg backup if you send, as you want.
    Quote Originally Posted by Field View Post
    I’m not sure if you can delete the previous manager.pkg install, and by doing this, it’ll also delete the games stored on the internal hard drive.
    Yes, it erases all the backups are stored in the same directory as the manager.

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    neophyte5001 Guest
    Disclaimer: Newb Question

    I was playing the devil's advocate and was wondering I would do if I were Sony. Occam's Razor brought me to ask this. Is there not a way for Sony to simply check for console debug status, and ban them that way? I know Devs need them, but it seems to me that it would be simpler for Sony to maintain a DB of authorized MAC addresses, and simply ban the rest. Which would render ever playing online a done deal. Sorry if this isn't EXACTLY on topic.

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    exactly.. we need a way to hide Debug mode status..

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    chaostic Guest
    Thanks for the tutorial... Greatly appreciated.

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    neophyte5001 Guest
    At the beginning of the tut it lists two different manager.pkg, one for retail and one for debug. Now.... if our console is in debug because of the jb, we want the debug one right? Sry but need some clarification on that pls.

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    Field Guest
    The only reason for that is because the manager.pkg is a debug which the JB allows to run. By attempting to copy the settings from a proper retail pkg, in theory, we can be hidden if checks are performed. Pre-latest update, if someone was to go online, a possible log file could be sent, which contained the Content ID of the original backup manager (LAUN12345) - which would be easy for Sony to scan, detect and ban. So the idea was to change the location, but also to copy the other settings - in case those too were checked.

    The SDK can't extract proper retail pkg, only debug, so that's why the hex editing was used, by coping the hex from the retail and pasting it into the debug.

    No matter which version of the backup manager you use, it's (at this point in time) will always be debug, or easier to explain - able to run unsigned code. Basically the JB devices allows unsigned code

    Hope this answers your question, thanks for checking this out - also I say this to everyone, but there is still always a chance of being detected and banned, the only way to be safe is never connect to their servers. At least until the FTP app (or other homebrew, maybe even CFW) provides a safe approach to clean out any previous install or usage of homebrew/debug/unsigned code.

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    neophyte5001 Guest
    I understand the purpose of taking info from a retail demo pkg (like Crystal Defenders) and putting it into a backup manager pkg (to be ninja), but what is confusing me is the existance of 2 backup manager pkg, one that says is retail and the other says is debug.

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    Field Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by neophyte5001 View Post
    I understand the purpose of taking info from a retail demo pkg (like Crystal Defenders) and putting it into a backup manager pkg (to be ninja), but what is confusing me is the existance of 2 backup manager pkg, one that says is retail and the other says is debug.
    Sorry, not sure what you mean by the two backup managers. There is only the one, unless you mean the manager2.pkg which can be deleted after use, as it's only used to get the retail info. The complete end process only creates a debug backup manager. Let me know if that doesnt answer your question and I'll my best again to help.

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    neophyte5001 Guest
    It's known as manager.pkg. The new version will be released soon, so best to get that version. New features have been added. This is a debug PKG file so other debugging tools will work with this file.

    Okay, maybe I've been overthinking this lol. One is for those with store bought/retail ps3, and the other for those with debug/test ps3 maybe?

    Okay, followed tut to the letter. Now, at the very end, in *both* the windows comand prompt & the mingw32 prompt when I type make_package_npdrm I get Cannot open file: "package.conf"

    It's not open in program, I've saved with txt selected as well as all files, of course the prompts were run as admin... what could be wrong?

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    Field Guest
    Oh now I see the confusion. The jailbreak devices allows us to make our retail consoles into debug when it's running with the device. Boot without the device and it's back to retail. Device in and it's unsigned code/homebrew/debug

    In order to make a retail PKG Sony need to sign it. Since we don't have the signing tools or the number, homebrew will never be able to run as retail - it will always need a hacking device. That's what all modchips, hacks, usb devices with flashed roms, EPROM flash, DVD ROM firmware, save game exports do - they allow unsigned code to run. They allow our retail consoles to act like debug console. Not that it's only half a debug as some features may have been taken out of the retail but keep in the debug console. A debug console is for developers to makes games, test code, and are hard to find.

    The reason why I mentioned debug manager is so people would see a reason why to swap info with a retail PSN store brought pkg. The make_package_npdrm only opens debug/homebrewed/unsigned apps - it shows an error when trying a retail.

    Sorry for the confusion and hope this clears your mind

    Regarding the package.conf

    Yeah that was always a troublesome thing for me too. I got that error when using cmd. It's because it can't find the file. Looking at my msys I seem to have the package.conf in both the MSYS/bin folder and the MSYS/home/my name/ -next to the ICON.PNG. Please try both.

    I might have buggered up with where I said for it to go. No one else has had the problem, so not sure. I know I've got the ICON, SFO, USRDIR in MSYS/home/my name as that was always an annoying problem - can't find USRDIR and such. Also small caps need to be used - package.conf

    Oh also check out this link - this is possibly a new way of changing the Backup Manager

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