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Thread: Tutorial: Emulate WinXP in PS3 using Linux!

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    ST0RM53 Guest

    Post Tutorial: Emulate WinXP in PS3 using Linux!

    I thought some of you may wait for this tutorial. It's actually not such exciting: WinXP run slow as HELL!!! You can compare it with a pentium 1, and those who reported is runs as fast as a PIII are wrong. I have a PIII and it runs a LOT faster! Even may i be wrong, but i don't think that there is an accelarator module on ppc (Power PC architecture)

    Anyway, what you will need:
    1. Your brain. It has a lot of processing power enough to understand more that your pet!
    2. A PS3, Don't ask!
    3. You must have already installed a Linux, Fedora or Yellow Dog Linux(YDL). If you haven't install YDL. It's the fastest distro.
    4. A broadband internet connection. Well you need it actually!
    5. Your original copy of Windows XP. Any version. Also Win 2000, Me might also work properly.

    So you want to continue? WARNING!!! IT WILL TAKE AROUND 12 HOURS to finish all that! Why? WinXP installation takes 11.5 hours! Maybe an hour less! And everywhere in the tutorial remove the ""

    1. Boot otherOS-LInux, change the section into GNOME and login into as root(use root as username).

    2. Download from here and transfer it on the ps3 as you like.
    Decompress it, and copy all the files in /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory. Overwrite if nessesary. You can also use "yum update" in the terminal, but it will just take a lot of time, so just copy the files(repositories).

    3.Open up the terminal(at the top bar: Appilications>>Terminal)

    4. Write "yum install qemu" with out the "" and press ENTER

    5. After sometime it will ask you about downloading some files. Write "y" and press ENTER.(that mean yes!)

    6. After it's finished, put your winXP cd into the ps3 drive. Open up, "Computer"(click the computer icon at the desktop, and double click the cd-rom drive.

    7. Take a look at the desktop. Know the cd is mounted and an icon pf the cd will appear. Right click it and select Copy Disk...A dialog box will appear, press Write, and save it as "WINXP.iso" in the Desktop.

    8. After it's finished the copy a new file named "WINXP.iso" in your Desktop will appear! Return to the Terminal and close all other applications as we will need a lot of cpu power. Then copy-paste or write "qemu-img create win.img 2048M" in the terminal and press ENTER. 2gb are enough for a WinXP installation.

    9. Then write: "qemu -hda win.img -cdrom /root/Desktop/WINXP.iso -std-vga -boot d" and press ENTER. Continue the installation my your self and install the winXP. when you promped to create a new partition you can format it in nfts. Note: it's an image file ur formating not your disk!

    10. This installation will take a lot of time. Keep an eye on the installation and turn off the screensaver. If you don't and it's activated...ur screen gets black and u messed up urself. To do this go: System>>Preferences>>Screensaver and uncheck the "Activate screensaver...." box.

    11. After you have finished and everytime you start, you can use: "qemu -hda win.img -cdrom /path/to/YOUR.iso -std-vga -boot c" This way you save 5 secs from the propting "boot from this disk" bios message, and you can also mount an image for the winxp enviroment.

    For more features on boot, type "qemu" in the terminal and see the other features. Just add them in the "qemu -hda win.img -cdrom /path/to/YOUR.iso -std-vga -boot c".

    I hoped i wrote well! Enjoy the images!

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    Apr 2005
    Nice job ST0RM53... Thumbs up and +100 credits for you! I will STICKY this for awhile too.

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    DevilishInc Guest
    after installed, how long it takes to boot into windows ?

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    ST0RM53 Guest
    thz! you should try it. Wait for the microsoft boys to If you wish any help or if u have any prb just reply.

    I don't even know how stable it is (i didn't had any crash though), coz i wrote the tutorial just as i emulated winxp first time! maybe i'll further up in more detail the tutorial, but right now i need to sleep...zzzz

    Quote Originally Posted by DevilishInc View Post
    after installed, how long it takes to boot into windows ?
    With all apps closed (exept the terminal) in GNOME, around a min to the login screen.

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    ST0RM53 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by afiser13 View Post
    when i do "yum install qemu" it says
    No Match for argument: qemu
    Nothing to do
    [[email protected] afiser]#
    please help.
    You get this error because you didn't copied the repos.
    1. Download (which is attached in my first post)

    2. Decompress it. You will get 9 files (fedora-core.repo, fedora-extra... etc)

    3. Copy all the 9 files in /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory,and overwrite. I am 99.9% sure that you will be asked to overwrite, and check that you are in the right directory. The base directory in windows is C:/ but in linux is / Notice that!

    4. After continue the tutorial with the "yum install qemu"

    Also you must have network-i mean internet working on your ps3, because then it will can't download the qemu. Also be sure that you have logged in a a root!

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    gr00ved Guest
    I'm curious to know if you've tried this with VMware rather than qemu? I would expect it to be a little quicker, although not officially free...

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    ST0RM53 Guest
    I don't think VMware will work. I think it is an os emulator, not a processor emulator. And since ps3 is a ppc (power pc architecture) and winxp are coded for x86 architecture, it shouldn't work.

    Besides, there are some people more knowable that me (coz they lived more years than me ) who would try every possible solution a lot time ago...

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    gr00ved Guest
    You're absolutely right... I always seem to forget that the PS3 uses PPC architecture

    Out of sheer boredom I just decided to try installing VMware Workstation under YDL and it reminded me of this... lol

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    ST0RM53 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gr00ved View Post
    You're absolutely right... I always seem to forget that the PS3 uses PPC architecture
    lol... i've actually seen someone messing up with VMware and saying that ps3 uses CELL, which is not a ppc... what a n00b!

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    eternal Guest
    So Storm, very interesting, is it possible to install Win 3.1 or Win 95? Would they be any faster? My aim would be to run old adventure games which only require pre-pentium speeds like 66Mhz and such, that should be fine shouldnt it?

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