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  1. #31
    slastrina Guest
    works perfectly with windows 98se only took an hour and a half to install. runs well

  2. #32
    Diverge Guest
    windows 2000 should be less of a hog then XP too.

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    ST0RM53 Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I am 100% sure that;

    1) Downloaded the given 'therepos.zip', decompressed it and copied all the files to the '/etc/yum.repos.d/'.
    2) The path is correct and the files were overwritten successfully.
    3) I have no problem on the internet connection as I wrote this message via wireless.

    For your information, I am using YDL 5.0.1 and I need help on solving this issue. Please.
    i have been away for a while... hmm U may have already installed qemu. Type "qemu" w/o the "" in the terminal and tell me what's going on. And, slastrina how well it runs in win98? can u tell me in fps?

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    erickpeniche Guest
    wow man, thats awesome.. very nice. i hope one day we can use xp full in our ps3

  • #35
    ST0RM53 Guest
    That would be awesome...but technically it will never be in simulation...only in emulation which is total different from emulation.

    At least i hope Wine gets re-write for ppc units, but i don't think it would be much difference from now....the only good of running Wine is to get applications running without emulating the whole OS, like qemu..!

  • #36
    enjoy Guest
    anybody can tell me which cpu performance can be emulated under win xp?

  • #37
    ST0RM53 Guest
    I'll say a P3 under 600Hhz since my P3 886Hhz overclocked to ~1Ghz and only 192mb ram runs fast as hell!

  • #38
    enjoy Guest
    7 cores @3.2ghz and only a p3 with 600mhz can be emulated?

  • #39
    ST0RM53 Guest
    Yeap... first of all the low ram makes the performance going down...

    Not only down but very down, because not only linux run on the system but also hypervisor is taking also some ram, leaving us a very low free amound of ram.

    Second the Ps3 does not use 7 cores but 7 spe's instead. In contrast with normal core's the spe's doesn't have direct access to ram make them not so interdependent but as separate processing units, and that's why ps3 has this low price now.

    I think hardware mods will have to wait much longer coz, we have software prbs to solve, and it will bevery hard to for example, increasing the ram by swaping chips.. Enjoy!

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    enjoy Guest
    that sucks, but thx anyway.

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