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  1. #21
    ST0RM53 Guest
    I play nes games, but not Dos-games...! For some reason i hate microsoft so bad...

  2. #22
    eternal Guest
    But DOS games have nothing to do with Microsoft same as Windows games have nothing to do with MS

  3. #23
    gr00ved Guest
    Who wants to play Doom 3 when they could potentially play Wolfenstein 3D, or Doom 1 & 2? :P

  4. #24
    ST0RM53 Guest
    Wolfenstein 3D at 15fps wouldn't be so nice... Just kidding it must play around 300fps I'll try later...

  5. #25
    eternal Guest
    Wolf3D would rock on PS3!

  6. #26
    aries2k6 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by turulo View Post
    I would recommend you using dosbox i used to play settlers, constructor and such old games using it at my Linux desktop, and works fine. Under PS3 i have just tried it to play settlers, and it ran also fine.

    They support a huge number of dos based games. There is no point at emulating windows for dos games, this would be a better solution, for non windows based games.
    Any chance you could give me an example of the path you write to your game folder or an example of how your mounting the hdd or pen drive. I canīt get out of Z:\. :??

    iīd apreciate it, thanks. itīs been a long time since I played settlers, lol. wouldnīt mind trying it out.

  7. #27
    ST0RM53 Guest
    aries2k6 linux uses no drive letters. Instaid it uses a main directory the "/"!!! The other roots are below this directory. ie. "/root/Desktop/"

  8. #28
    aries2k6 Guest
    Ah, Ok. Thanks, I got it now. Dosbox works pretty good. I was just reliving the past with prince of Persia, settlers, warcraft and arkanoid. Iīve got to learn to work better with the emu, to tweak it.
    Jagged Alliance even works pretty good Once again thanks for the help

  9. #29
    ST0RM53 Guest
    Read the ReadME file of Dosbox. I am sure that it will have several other parameters, but you may need to compile it again. Maybe if u try "dosbox" or "dosbox -help" in the terminal may give you some running parameters. Try it!

  10. #30
    myadam Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I am 100% sure that;

    1) Downloaded the given 'therepos.zip', decompressed it and copied all the files to the '/etc/yum.repos.d/'.
    2) The path is correct and the files were overwitten successfully.
    3) I have no problem on the internet connection as I wrote this message via wireless.

    For your information, I am using YDL 5.0.1 and I need help on solving this issue. Please.

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