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Thread: Tutorial: Create a PS3 Theme

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    Post Tutorial: Create a PS3 Theme

    1. Download a PS3 theme creation file (

    2. Inside that file, you’ll find four folders. Really, you’ll only need the first two, Create and Assemble. Open "Step1 - Create". Inside that folder, you’ll find a bunch of icons, one for each on the XMB. Add a friend, memory card utility, all the different settings, they’re all there.

    3. Okay, now’s the fun part. You create all your icons and wallpapers. There are two ways to do this. Open the icon you want to edit in an image editor (GIMP, Paint, Photoshop, etc). Erase the entire thing and make it want you want or change the current icon, then save. You can also open up a new image in your image editor and make it there, then overwrite the file in the Create folder.

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT CHANGE THE SIZE OR FORMAT OF THE ICON. If it’s 120x120 and a png, make sure the new icon is 120x120 and a png.

    4. After you’ve gotten all the icons, you probably want to do the wallpapers. Make sure whatever you make for your wallpaper, they’re jpgs and match up with the sizes. If you want more than one wallpaper, name them sequentially (i.e., Wallpaper_HD-1, Wallpaper_HD-2, etc.).

    5. Once you’ve gotten all that, open up the “Step2 – Assemble” folder (keep the Create folder open as well). In the Create folder, find an XML file entitled PS3Theme_template.

    6. If you only had one wallpaper, skip this step. If you had more than one wallpaper, edit the file. Scroll down, and you’ll find something like this:
    <bgimage hd="wallpaper_HD-1.jpg" sd="wallpaper_SD-1.jpg" />
    If you want more than one wallpaper, just add them in. For instance:
    <bgimage hd="wallpaper_HD-1.jpg" sd="wallpaper_SD-1.jpg" />
    <bgimage hd="wallpaper_HD-2.jpg" sd="wallpaper_SD-2.jpg" />
    <bgimage hd="wallpaper_HD-3.jpg" sd="wallpaper_SD-3.jpg" />
    7. Now, drag the PS3Theme_template file in Create over the p3t compiler in the Assemble folder. It’ll get busy creating your theme for a few seconds. (It could take longer depending on your computer.) After that’s done, head back to the Create folder. It’ll have all your icons, plus a bunch of useless, temporary .gim files that you can feel free to delete. Scroll down and find PS3Theme_template.p3t. That’s your theme.

    8. On a USB drive, create a folder entitled PS3. Under that, create a folder named THEME. Stick your theme in that folder. Take the USB out of the computer, put it in the PS3. Go to Settings, Theme Settings, Theme, then up at the very top, Install. Your USB drive should be listed. Select it, and your theme should show up. Install it, and there you go!

    Here's another method to create your own PS3 Theme for use with Firmware 2.0:

    1. Download ( PS3_Custom_Theme_e.pdf is the PlayStation 3 Custom Theme Guideline. Please read this for a more information.

    2. Unzip the (2) folders, p3tcompiler_v101 and sample. The images are located in the 01 folder located inside sample.

    3. Use the images in 01 as a guideline for creating your own. Use the same file format, size, and naming convention. Most of the icons on the xmb are .png format, 128 x128 pixels in size, and have a file name Icon.#.png. Keep track of the filename and the icon. Use the ps3 custom theme guideline to match these up. As an example Icons.6.png is the Users Icon. You can also have 16 backgrounds. There are 3 in the sample. Use the same naming convention, a_HD.jpg and a_SD.jpg through p_HD.jpg and p_SD.jpg

    4. Edit the sample.xml file.

    1. Edit the Infotable

    - Theme Name
    - Url
    - Author
    - Genre
    - Version
    - Comment

    2. Add your backgrounds.
    <bgimage hd="a_HD.jpg" sd="a_SD.jpg" />
    <bgimage hd="b_HD.jpg" sd="b_SD.jpg" />
    <bgimage hd="c_HD.jpg" sd="c_SD.jpg" />
    <bgimage hd="d_HD.jpg" sd="d_SD.jpg" />
    <bgimage hd="e_HD.jpg" sd="e_SD.jpg" />
    3. Save the sample.xml with the name of your theme.

    4. Drag your theme.xml onto p3tcompiler.exe and a dos window will come up.

    5. yourtheme.p3t will now show up in the 01 folder.

    6. Use a USB memory key and create a /PS3/THEME folder and copy yourtheme.p3t into this folder.

    7. With the USB key inserted into the ps3: Go to Settings, Theme Settings, Install.

    8. yourtheme.p3t should now be available as one of the theme options!

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    Ive just Made my first theme with the newest theme creator. But if i want to make a new one what do i do?

    Do i just edit the stuff i want and save it to the usb device, or do i need to download a whole new file? if you could make a sticky that explains how to make a second one thx.

    p.s. im a newbie so im not that good with this stuff yet

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    Here are a few other guides on PS3 Themes:

    You should be able to just continue making them with the existing file, there is no need to re-download it to make a second, third, etc.

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    So i can just edit the pics and stuff i want and then just follow the rest of the instructions without reloading anything?

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