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Thread: Transferring Custom Game Patches to PS3 JailBroken FW 3.50 Consoles

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    Post Transferring Custom Game Patches to PS3 JailBroken FW 3.50 Consoles

    Transferring Custom Game Patches to PS3 JailBroken FW 3.50 Consoles

    Most people who jailbreak are only interested in the backup side of things but I thought I would bring some light to the custom game patch side of things with this tutorial

    JailBreaking the PS3 for Game Patches

    Tutorial By: Hackerxide

    Items Required:
    • 1 ps3 with FW 3.41 (use proxy to block update)
    • 1 ps3 with FW 3.50
    • 1 jailbreaking device with backupmanager.pkg
    • 1 ps3 ftp server
    • 1 Filezilla
    • 1 ethernet cord
    • 1 set of hacked patches

    *You can do this with one ps3 you just have to downgrade to 3.41 and then upgrade once the files are transferred into the right folders

    Steps are listed below
    *Note* You must have all the above requirements, this will not
    work with FW 3.50

    Jailbreaking Steps (*NOTE* Do not sign into PSN)

    Step 1-- Make Sure Ps3 with FW 3.41 has off red light.
    Step 2-- then flip switch in back of ps3 to (off)
    Step 3-- plug in jailbreak device
    Step 4-- Flip switch in back of ps3 to (on)
    Step 5-- Push power button in front of ps3 and then the eject
    Step 6-- If done correctly you should be able to download the backup Manager PKG witch comes with the PS3 ftp server!

    Patch Installment Steps (*NOTE* Do not sign into PSN)

    Step 1-- Start up PS3 with FW 3.41 UNJAILBROKEN
    Step 2-- Delete Game latest Patch
    Step 3-- Make sure internet connection is possible (but do not sign into psn)
    Step 4-- Put Game into drive and redownload the game data
    Step 5-- Start Game and redownload the patches it prompts
    Step 6-- After patch download return to XMB and power off the system through the menu option power off
    Step 7-- Start the ps3 in jailbreak mode(refer to steps above)
    Step 8-- Once in jailbreak mode access the ps3 ftp server
    Step 9-- On your computer run Filezilla
    Step 10-- Once connected to Filezilla navigate to dev_harddrive0>>Game>>your socom disc Id>>usdir
    Step 11-- Swap out usdir with the hacked usdir folder
    Step 12-- Turn off both ps3's and remove jailbreak from the one
    Step 13-- connect the ethernet cord to the back of both ps3's
    Step 14-- Transfer files from hacked ps3 to ps3 running FW 3.50
    Step 15-- Go online with the hacked files and test them out have fun!!!!

    *Ignore steps 13 and 14 if you downgraded the ps3, just upgrade it again to 3.50

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    Thanks for the guide hackerxide, I moved it to our PS3 Guides and Tutorials section and +Rep!

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    Edgardo678 Guest
    Awesome. MW2 Challenge Lobby's here I come.

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    hackerxide Guest
    lol glad I can help, just if a new patch comes out you have to redo the process, or you can go out and buy some ps3 hDD's and just put multiple patches in them

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