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    Post Transfer PS3 Themes to the PS3 Without a USB Stick or Server

    What to do if you would like to put themes on your PS3 but don’t have an external hard drive, thumb drive, or a server to host them. Well if your like me (I have all of those, I’m just lazy) and have a phone with a micro SD card then you would not have any problems. I'll show you step by step instructions on how I put 126 different themes on my PS3.

    Like most people I don’t have a SD card slot on my PC but I do have a phone with a micro SD card. So ill be using my phones micro SD 1gig card and its micro SD adapter (it should come with the phone) for this project.

    1. First you will have to download your own themes to your PC, then use you USB cable to connect your phone to you PC.

    2. Use the phone as a mass storage device (if you don’t then in most cases you will not have access to you phone with out using some annoying program that is specifically designed for your phone)

    You can see PC studio, Media player, and Mass storage as my options...

    3. Your PC should see the phone as an external storage device. Open it up to add a folder called “PS3” (all upper case), in that folder make a folder called “THEME” (all upper case), and then add your themes to that folder. It will take some time to transfer depending on the number of themes.

    4. Take out the micro SD card and place it in the micro SD adapter.

    5. Place the micro SD adapter into you PS3

    6. Go to Theme settings, click on theme, then go to install, it would find the SD card and it would show you your themes. You then click on them to install them. I don’t know how to install them all at once so I had to individually install 126 of them (Sorry I have an old TV)

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    More pictures for the first post...

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    TheFoolNZ Guest
    helpful tip if the person has a 60gb ps3 with the inbuilt card reader,

    most pc machines these days seem to be coming out with the multi card readers standard where the floppy drive bay was.

    you could just as easy insert any ccf/sd/xd sort of card into the multicard reader, and copy the required files into the correct spot.

    and if you have a 60gb model insert the card into the card reader otherwise buy a cheap usb multicard reader and have it pluged in.

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