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    spewfr Guest

    Cool Test Drive Unlimited 2 Teleport Mod + Savegame Editor Guide

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 Teleport Mod + Savegame Editor [You can go to the Secret/Eden Island!]

    Welcome, all lovers of TDU2

    This tutorial will cover all of the steps to enabling teleportation on the the map within TDU2: (via tdumods.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?830)

    Modding the game, as such, ultimately allows for access to all portions of the island - major cliffs, all islets (small islands), etc.. You can even do this online! (Might get you banned, but do as you please... It would be so hilarious to see somebody on Eden Island. But, ban alert.)
    This mod was originally made for the PC, but I ported it to the PS3. (It was easy.)

    You will need:

    - The Original TDU2 Disc (You silly pirates...)
    - External HD (thumbdrive, 2gig min)
    - Hex Editor (ftp://wa651f1:[email protected]/HxDen.zip is highly recommended)
    - Jailbroken PS3
    - File Manager (i.e. multiman, comgenies, etc)

    1. Load up the TDU2 disc, and install the game data to the HDD if you haven't already. (PS3 auto-installs it if you don't have it)

    2. Open your favorite file manager on your PS3

    3. Navigate to hdd0/game/BLUS30527/USRDIR/ (game not games, and the game ID, BLUS30527, could be different for you. It's OK, just make sure that it's the directory for TDU2)

    4. Copy the following files to your external drive (There could be more, after more updates) -
    (These are all update files... Most likely, the PS3 just uses one or two of these. Mod all of them, just to be sure.)

    5. Take the USB drive from the PS3, stick it in your PC

    6. BACKUP YOUR FILEZ. Even though HxD does it too, DO IT YOURSELF.

    7. Shift-select/Ctrl-select all 5 files, and drag them to the HxD. They will all open up in separate tabs.

    8. Repeat steps A-D for each tab (5 times total) (DO NOT INSERT OR DELETE BYTES)
    a. Search > Replace (Ctrl + R)
    (Make sure datatype is text-string)

    b. In the Search For field, paste this (21 bytes) -

    c. In the Replace With field, paste this (21 bytes) -

    d. Save the new modification (Ctrl + S)

    9. Copy your newly modified .big files over to your external USB

    10. Copy them from your USB onto the PS3 in hdd0/game/BLUS30527/USRDIR/

    11. Load up your TDU2, go to the map. You should now be able to go anywhere you like.
    (Including Eden island!)

    Oh, and those who wanted it, the savegame editor is attached. (This one 100% works.) Careful driving, nao.

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    spewfr Guest

    TestDrive Unlimited 2 PS3 Mod Installer

    Today I present to you TPMI, a revolutionary cheat device designed to inject slight modifications into TDU2. It was originally intended to be an automatically-installing PKG, but I decided to add more cheats instead, and make a user-friendly interface.

    I will be releasing more tools for the PS3 version of this game, for those of you who are avid players of the Test Drive Unlimited series and do not own a jailbroken console, as this tool DOES require decrypted access to the PS3's internal hard drive.

    For now, enjoy this tool which allows for injection of four small cheats. If you want more mods/cheats, I'll be happy to update the program (TPMI). Just make a request below.

    Upon downloading, please read the readme.txt supplied as it holds instructions necessary for correct utilization.

    Download TPMI: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/1...TPMI.zip_links

    Download source: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/M..._src.zip_links

    What it does

    Allows for seamless injection of "codes", shall we say, that enable small cheats in the game.

    How to use it

    THIS REQUIRES MODIFIED SYSTEM FIRMWARE. [Or unencrypted access to your HDD...]

    1. Retrieve the TDU2DLC2v027.big file, BACK IT UP: [it can be located at hdd0:/game/<TDU2_GAME_ID_HERE, i.e. BLUS30527>/USRDIR/TDU2DLC2v027.big]

    2. Copy it to you computer, and place your TDU2DLC2v027.big file in the same directory as TPMI.exe

    3. Run TPMI.exe, select your choices

    4. Replace the original TDU2DLC2v027.big file on your PS3 HDD with the modified version

    5. Run the game, hope the mods work!

    Cheats that it can install (at current time)

    There are four main cheats that TPMI installs -

    1. The Map Teleporter
    2. The Game Designer
    3. The Invincible Bike Rider, and
    4. The Road Unlocker.

    What each cheat does

    1. The Map Teleporter allows the PS3 user to teleport to ANY location on-map. This is extremely useful for getting onto The Secret Island.

    2. The Game Designer enables administrative challenge editing. To use it, go to the Start Menu while in Free-Roam, and select "Challenge Editor." If it worked, you should now have ultimate developer controls in the editor. It can be quite glitchy, careful...

    3. The Invincible Bike Rider makes any bike rider, well, invincible. Enjoy hitting objects at 200mph+, and never falling off!

    4. The Road Unlocker, also not fully tested, allows the user to access any road within the map menu. This is pretty much useless in combination with The Map Teleporter.

    FAQ [ Or they probably will be ]

    Q. Why does the program want to have admin privileges??
    A. The program unpacks a series of files into the given directory. It has a manifest to do that, just in case it's used within a programs directory.

    Q. One of the mods doesn't work. Why?
    A. PLEASE tell me on the forum. I want to help you. But I can't help if you're vague. EXPLAIN WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

    Q. How does the program REALLY work?
    A. Well, it uses a small program called bincmp.exe. This program allows me to automatically edit the hex value at any given offset.

    Example: I want to change the value at offset 003 from 0A to 0D. That means I make a text file, one line, reading:
    003: 0A 0D
    Or, you can replace the value to change with a ?
    003: ? 0D
    All of the .hex files contain instructions for editing the .BIG file.

    Q. The TDU2DLC2v027.big file is just an update file, what happens when Atari/Eden/Sony updates the game?
    A. Tell me on the forum. I'll try to update TPMI.

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    JeoWay Guest
    Great guide Spewfr! I hope to see you create more things and share it with us

    Sent from my SCH-I535 using Forum Runner.

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