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    Thumbs Up Spansion S29GL128N & DIA-001 for PlayStation 3

    After 3 days of intensive head-scratching, and speaking with a certain person I now bring you the 100% sure way to dump/erase/write this Spansion N NOR flash (DIA-001)...

    Firstly, connect your progskeet to the USB and run 'zadig.exe' - then select "Libusb0" as the driver to install for your progskeet device

    THEN you need to use Winskeet4000-111004 to dump/erase/write (NOT the newest 111205)

    SIMPLE!!! Credits to domelec for sharing the 'secret' - no really, a big thanks!

    One thing to note - this isn't made clear anywhere... You can only use the WinUSB driver & Winskeet 111205 IF you have updated your Bitstream!!! Otherwise, use the older flasher & stick with the Libusb0 driver.

    Questions welcome!

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    Dude... come on the irc regularly .. anyways i got a dia-002 i'm going to try what you said lol.. my ones not getting detected ... going to rewire

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    God this chip is a pain in my butt. I can't get to to take a flash no matter what.

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    Hi is this solderless? just wonder if i shall get a progskeet or e3flasher.

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    You can use an e3 on it. However I would suggest that, I have seen so many ps3s that have been bricked because of the e3. I would say get a progskeet, it will work with more systems. Thanks

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