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    Jonny202003 Guest

    Simulview on a Passive 3DTV Guide

    Simulview on a Passive 3DTV Guide:

    I accomplished this by modifying 2 pair of Passive 3D glasses and utilizing the TV's ability to combine two images into one.

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    Natepig Guest
    That is very impressive! Is it possible to do that with two seperate consoles?

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    banie01 Guest
    You can modify the glasses by popping and swapping the lens yourself so you have 2 pairs are left/left right/right polarised.
    I've been using this on my passive LG since May of last year. Also Philips now produce PTA436 glasses that I've been using since November that are excellent too

    Its a great feature for split screen gaming

    Unforunately not Natepig as the TV would need to display 2 inputs via 2 tuners at once. It would be a nifty feature if possible...

    i.e you could have ps3/xbox on with sound via headphones while the Mrs watches the soaps all on the one display

    But alas its not available on any current available TVs

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    That would be kind of cool, so I can play my 360 and someone else plays on the PS3 at the same time.

    Anyway great work Jonny, I got some 3D glasses somewhere but I'm not sure my TV can combine 2 images like that.

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    Natepig Guest
    It would be amazing if soon you could have 2 or even more different things from 1 tv, you could really drop some cash to get a huge tv for gaming.

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    ImCoKeMaN Guest
    If the tv had PIP the 2 tuner idea might work if it had the same options for splitting the PIP. That would be quite unique!

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