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Thread: Simple Instructions for Running Acid PS3 CFW from USB

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    jamhouse2010 Guest
    how can i move my homebrew to the haxx icon? i have tried to reinstall using the pkg install under haxx menu and it installs under game anyways. i have also tried editing sfo of homebrew app and creating a haxx folder and tv folder (as i presumed haxx is just a modified tv icon). is there anyway to move or install my homebrew under haxx right now or is it just cosmetic untill someone figures out how?

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    Cevapi Guest
    So I've been completely oblivious to the recent releases on this scene. What is the purpose of this CFW, anyways?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Just get the param.sfo of your hb and use HexEdit to search for the HG or DG string. Change it to CB and save the file. Copy it back into the dir of your hb. Restart ps3 and your hb should now be showen under the Haxxx cat.

    Change to CB to show your hb in the haxxx cat.

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    DeViL303 Guest

    Lightbulb Extra bit for the tutorial.

    Although this has been common knowlegde for a while here with TeaM-ACiD1C members and I've seen others post about this before when JB was first released , this little bit of info may have passed some of you by so here :
    To enable the PS3 Web Browser debug options(press triangle on The icon) :
    • [COLOR=#000000]You will need stokers PS3 registry editor, (Thanks Stoker)Then An app to dump xreg file (I use FTP or Comgenies file manager).[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#000000]Dump xregistry.sys file to your PC, located in dev_flash2/etc/ (keep a backup as you never know in the future when you might need it.[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#000000]Open it with the editor[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#ff0000]1. [/COLOR]Scroll down to /setting/browser/debugMenu entry, around half way down.[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#ff0000]2.[/COLOR] Change the value from 00000000 to 00000001[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#ff0000]3.[/COLOR] Click save below value.[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#ff0000]4.[/COLOR] Then click file at top of editor and click save again. Now load xregistry back onto your PS3 in dev_flash2/etc/[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#000000]There is also a backup stored in there inside backup folder so dont worry too much about doing any damage.[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#000000]Then reboot your PS3 to see changes, Simple![/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR]

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    ivansword Guest
    so this may be a bit off topic yet indirectly related; i have a ps3 that has the "playback of bds is prohibited on this systems. Contact technical support." i had this message for whatever reason after i had a system crash i have a backup of all my dev folders before the crash and never downgraded.

    i've tried everything from reinstalls in recovery to ftping over the dev folders. is there any chance that Acid of Alejandro can help fix this error? does anyone have this narrowed down to a fix yet? again a bit off topic yet a bit related... kinda, thanks.

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