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    No it will not brick. And the files are from a 3.41 console.We first have started with 3.15 and have jumped over to 3.41 like we in near future will jump to 3.50

    The files are only loaded into the RAM so it cant brick your console its save.

    First read that post:

    Then this:

    And also you will need this information:

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    I removed a bunch of BS posts... please follow the rules guys, if you want to flame do it via PMs or somewhere outside the public Forum.

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    New Tutorial for Both methods of installing Acid CFW

    New Tutorial for running AcidCFW From USB or Installing Fully to actual Dev_flash!

    Disclaimer: Mod your actual dev_ flash at your own risk!

    Here's exactly what hardware and software you will need to get AcidCFW running:
    • A brain or a friend with one!
    • A PS3 console on FW3.41 (Firmware requirement may change)
    • A method for jailbreaking your console ,EG. Capable smart phone, x3max, PSjailbreak, PIC18f ,Minimus AVR etc. (there are plenty more devices)
    • A payload for your device that supports Peek and Poke syscalls
    • Firmloader 0.3 homebrew app . (For Method A only)
    • Mount Alejandro homebrew app (For Method B only)
    • Comgenies Awesome Filemanger (For Method B only)
    • A USB stick of 256MB or bigger ,128MB is not enough.I recommend genuine brand name USB sticks as cheap ones can cause problems. Of course the faster read and write speeds the better.
    • A copy of the latest AcidCFW files (link to file pack coming soon HERE)
    Ok, once you have all that collected then follow these instructions,

    There are the two ways to run AcidCFW:

    Method A: Running Emulated Flash from USB using Firmloader 0.3

    1. Before starting format the memory stick as we have discovered fragmentation can cause issues.
    2. Copy all the AcidCFW folders to the root of your USB stick from dev_usb00/AcidCFW341010Full/ , EG. bdplayer , sys , vsh etc.
    3. Copy the Firmloader PKG file to the root of the USB stick , Now the root directory of your USB stick should look like this:

    4. Turn on your PS3 , make sure to start it in jailbreak mode via power and eject buttons. Now insert the USB stick you prepared earlier.
    5. Browse to the games category install packages icon , Press X, install Firmloader 0.3 by pressing X once more.
    6. Now the app is installed you will find it on Game menu, Run Firmloader by simply pressing X once more.
    7. Thats it , When PS3 reboots you will be able to see the new Haxxx category and various other extra features such as Memory card utility for PS1 and PS2 games and Various enabled Debug options!

    Method B: Actually Installing AcidCFW to internal PS3 flash using Write-Enabler:

    Disclaimer: Mod your actual dev_ flash at your own risk!

    1. Put the AcidCFW Patch version vsh folder on root of USB stick, along with the 2 Homebrew pkg files mentioned next. (Only If you dont already have them installed)
    2. After booting up PS3 with jailbreak exploit.(power and Eject) insert USB stick into PS3 .
    3. Install Comgenies awesome filemanager if you havnt got it already (0.6 is latest version)
    4. Install Mount Alejandro app onto PS3 , boot the app, When it boots up, Press circle, You should see mount successful message if it worked Ok and app will exit automatically , If you have problems try another payload, Hermes V4b without spoof works ok for me.
    5. Then open Comgenie manager , pess select for advanced mode, screen will got red
    6. On left hand side browse with d-pad and X button to dev_usb000/AcidCFW341010Patch/vsh < – like this picture:

    7. Move over to right hand side and browse to dev_Alejandro/vsh <- like this picture:

    8. Once you have got this far move back to left , just double check that your screen looks exactly like this:

    9. Once you have confirmed this screen (make sure your selector< is on the left hand side vsh folder) , press Circle (COPY) , then press Start button (CONFIRM COPY) , If you make a mistake at any point and press Circle or square(DELETE)before you are ready just press Triangle to Cancel operation
    10. Finally Exit comgenie file manager with PS button, You should be able to see your new Acid CFW mods. All thats left to do now is run Mount Alejandro once more to set dev_flash permissions back to normal, app will exit automatically when its done.

    Any questions, please ask Before doing something you are unsure of.

    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    check option enabled but greyed out.JPG   acidcfwlogo.jpg   Extra debug option addded in AcidCFW.jpg   complete.JPG   leftside.JPG  

    rightside.JPG   acid cfw logo.jpg   rootdirectoryofacidcfwu.jpg  

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    where can i grab the files needed as i have Acid-CFW-v3.41.010-TeaM-ACiD1C but nothing like the usb image you posted is in this pack . tia

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    once this is done, does it perminently hack your ps3 so that you don't need to use jailbreak each time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hodge74 View Post
    where can i grab the files needed as i have Acid-CFW-v3.41.010-TeaM-ACiD1C but nothing like the usb image you posted is in this pack . tia
    2. Copy all the AcidCFW folders to the root of your USB stick from /AcidCFW341010Full/ , EG. bdplayer , sys , vsh etc.
    Note : PS3 firmware files may be hidden from windows PC OS as they are system files. The folders you are looking for are inside the following folder: Acid CFW files/AcidCFW341010Full/xxxxx

    Quote Originally Posted by mgrimmenator View Post
    once this is done, does it perminently hack your ps3 so that you don't need to use jailbreak each time?
    Please read all info, It does not do this, If console could be Jailbroken permanently at this time It would be front page news on every PS3 site and we would certainly mention it the tutorial.
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    btw if you want to actually view the files (in windows)

    enable - show hidden files & uncheck - hide protected operating system files.

    note: change state back when not needed.

    thanks goes to propered.
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    To Clarify: The Jailbreak is required to install FW files to flash memory or to run FW files from USB so it is a requirement. If you choose to install to flash you will see extra debug options without JB, but you will not be able to run any unlicenced apps/homebrew, only official sony releases.

    Viewing hidden system files is very simple, really to be involved in the hacking scene you will expected to know some basic PC skills like this (windows has done this since day one)

    But if someone wants to add to tut that system files are hidden by default on PC then please do.
    Last edited by DeViL303; 12-14-2010 at 03:04 PM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    will it ever be possible to hack the ps3 to the point where a custom firmware could replace sony's and jailbreaking each time (ie power + eject) would not be neccessary? just wondering, and keep up the great work.

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    ok so after i hit X on the AcidCFW Info icon, i was prompted to update... what is this about? don't do it right?

    ps: Team acid1c! thanks your work is pretty sweet, cant wait to see how much better it gets

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