If your like me, then you figure that having to open up terminal and typing in boot-game-os, then having to type your password in gets well... annoying.

This how to will show you how to create a launcher (more commonly known as a desktop shortcut) to allow you easier access to the kboot prompt without being prompted to enter any passwords.

To begin we should find out the location of the boot-game-os command.

To do this we open up Terminal and type in

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This will return your location of the boot-game-os command. It may vary depending on your location of the file, my boot-game-os file is located

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So that is what I will be using in the example.

Now open up terminal (or if you still have it open) and type this

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It will bring up a terminal based text editor. The file it will be modifying is called the /etc/sudoers file. This file manages all your permission settings in ubuntu so be careful!

Use the arrow keys and move down to the bottom of the file. On a empty line add the following

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Username being the name you are logged in with. Now hit control + x then say yes to the prompt. BE SURE TO HIT ENTER AFTER SAYING YES!

This will return you to the normal terminal screen. If you do not do that, your changes will not be saved. You can close terminal now.

Now go to your Ubuntu desktop and right click -> Create Launcher.

New window will appear asking you for Name, Description, Command, Icon, ect.

For the name, whatever you want to put, its your shortcut. Likewise with description and choosing a Icon.

In the command box put the following:

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And there you have it... Boot-Game-OS shortcut on your PS3's desktop.