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    Thumbs Up Setting up a Windows Network Share to use with PS3 Swiss Army Knife V1.00

    Hey Everyone,

    When i was first trying to setup a windows network share to use with SAK the default settings where not working for me. So when i figured out how to do it i decided to make a video tutorial for those who want to know how.

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    Very nice job Komodo1138! I added the tags to the link so it shows as a video here in the Forums... and +Rep to you too!

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    thank you ps3 news for the rep and fixing the youtube link

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    Is there anybody with FIOS internet that can help me out with the networking? I think the Verizon router blocks all LAN capability or something...

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    good job

    Quote Originally Posted by Komodo1138 View Post
    thank you ps3 news for the rep and fixing the youtube link
    hey hows it going ? I was wondering if u might be able to help me set up my ps3 with sak please.

    watched your video but dont really understand

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    Ya no problem boob4me. one question:

    are you using the ps3 with a keyboard to get an iso or are you using a browser to get it ?

    Never mind this post since now that i know you are copying to a external hdd

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    What user and password do we use?

    Checking Permissions...

    Folder Exists.

    You Have an Error, possible causes are: Bad Username/Password

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