If you are plagued with having a lousy SDTV that only accepts 480i, then here is an alternate solution so that you can remotely access your YDL setup while it is running in 720p (fullscreen) or any other resolution that can fit on your computer screen.

Note: This will only work on a local network, not over the Internet.


- VNC Viewer Free Edition (http://www.realvnc.com) for your Windows machince. YDL already has it pre-installed.

- Router or some kind of network device

- PS3 with YDL (6+) on it

Here are the Steps:

First lets setup the VNC server on your PS3, assuming you're in GNOME:

1) Go to System-->Administration-->Security Level and Firewall (or type in system-config-securitylevel in the terminal)

2) Open up the TCP port 5900 if you are behind a firewall.

3) Then go to System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop

4) Activate it, check allow other users to view your desktop and allow other users to control your desktop. Also uncheck Ask for your confirmation.

5) Go to System -> Administration -> Services and check vncserver so it can boot on startup.

6) You will need to know your PS3's IP address by opening a terminal and typing in:

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Now that we have the VNC server configured, you will need to setup different video parameters so at the kboot prompt you can tab through the different video modes.

Now on the Windows machine:

1) Download the VNC viewer from the link above and install it.

2) Finished!

How to view your YDL setup (720p, for example):

1) If you configured VNC server and your yaboot.conf right with the different parameters, then log in and select the one you configured to be 720p.

2) Your screen will go blank but your PS3 still goes into linux. Just wait for the HDD light to stop blinking. When it stops that means that it is at the login screen.

3) Now since your cursor defaults to the login line just type in your username and your password. Keep in mind that you have to do this without having the login prompt showing up on your TV. To know if you logged in check your HDD light. It should be blinking rapidly and if you have system sounds on you can hear it log in. Wait a little while for the HDD to stop blinking or blink less.

4) Now start VNC viewer on your Windows machine and enter your PS3's IP address you found earlier. You should see your YDL desktop pop up in a window and there you go!

Final Note: One cool thing is that if you disconnect your keyboard and mouse from the PS3 your PC computer and mouseq7!!re still working in linux.