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    jedowski4155 Guest
    Great tips I never thought of standing up the ps3 to release the hot air better.

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    iametony Guest
    I take mine apart every 4 months or so to vac. & clean the inside. If you do plan on opening your PS3 for any reason remember to wear rubber gloves, even unplugged a static discharge can damage sensitive some electronic components not to mention the oils from your hands.

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    msteffes Guest
    Thanks for this great bit of info very help.

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    Gathi88 Guest
    You have provided great information about how to maintain a PS3 playstation. By following these instructions we can solve number of issues which we face. Often my PS3’s fan become silent and I didn't have any idea that how to manage it, but after reading your post I got a lot of information.

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    carotte2048 Guest
    Thanks for this guide !

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    duke Guest

  7. #17
    borkaman Guest
    thanks a lot

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    alantrik Guest
    And if you ever decide to clean the inside by yourself... make sure to remember what part goes where... all the wasted time...

  9. #19
    slarlac249 Guest
    good guide, if i ever get another console, it'll be handy.

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    kingpinz Guest
    thanks for the tips.

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