PSX on XMB 4.50 CFW

This is just a tutorial to customize and make a PSX.Pkg to install on XMB in CFW 4.50. No need to stay on 4.41 CFW. And no need to mount through MultiMan. Thought I would write this tutorial because no one else has.

Tested on Habib 4.50 v1.03 on Release day 60gb PS3.

Notes: Ingame screenshots do work.


1: Multiman 4.50
2: LastGame (Latest Version)
3: Aldostools LastGame Customizer
4: RetroXMB
5: PSX Game


1: Make sure to have all the above installed and working.
2: Its easier to make a empty folder on desktop to work. Place your Game in this folder.
3: Open RetroXMB and select Playstation 1 tab on the top and then browse for your PSX iso,bin,img.
4: Under XMB Content Information Files, You may customize to your liking.
5: After customizing, hit build Package button on the bottom. Save it int the desktop work folder.
6: You can now exit RetroXMB.
7: In the work folder where you saved the Pkg you just made, go ahead and extract it by right click (extract to current path). Let that extract.
8: Next, open LastGame Customizer, Exit out of the first screen that pops up requesting a EBOOT.BIN.
9: Under "Item Type" select "13=PSXISO"
10: Under "Launch from Device" select "/dev_hdd0".
11: Under "Title ID" copy in the ID from the extracted pkg that you just extracted. (PS1xxxxxx).
12: Under "Title Description" Type in the name of the Game.
13: next Under "Mount PSX ISO From", customize this according to the file structure in the recently extracted Pkg. (/dev_hdd0/game/PS1xxxxxx/USRDIR/NAME OF YOUR GAME.iso). (MAKE SURE THE ISO FROM THE /ps1_iso/ FOLDER, IS IN THE /USRDIR/ FOLDER.) Delete the /ps1_iso/ Folder.
Dont forget this will be installing in /dev_hdd0/game/ folder,
14: Under "Path for ICON0.png", use this format "/dev_hdd0/game/PS1xxxxxx/ICON0.PNG".
15: Under "Path for PIC1.PNG", use the same format "/dev_hdd0/game/PS1xxxxxx/PIC1.PNG".
16: now hit the make button, In the window that pops up, grab the Pkg you just made and drag it to the Desktop work folder.
17: You can now exit Lastgame Customizer.
18: In the desktop work folder, Go ahead and right extract the Pkg with the "-XMB[hdd0].Pkg" extension.
19: now pull the 2 Pkg's in the desktop work folder onto the desktop and leave them there. Now you should be left with the 2 extracted Pkg's now.
20: open up the "-XMB[hdd0]" folder, delete the text file you see. then open up the folder you see (PS1xxxxxx).
21: Delete the ICON0.PNG file. This folder is done.
22: Back to the Desktop work folder, open the other folder now. delete the text file you see. (MAKE SURE TO CUT THE ISO FROM THE /ps1_iso/ FOLDER, AND PASTE IT IN THE /USRDIR/ FOLDER.)
23: then copy the folder you see (PS1xxxxxx) into the "- XMB [hdd0]" overwriting that folder. Make sure to overwrite evrything.
24: Next, right click on the "- XMB [hdd0]" folder and click "Make Pkg".
25: Now you should see the Pkg you just made, Copy to usb stick or FTP over and install normally through XMB.
26: Hooray, PSX games on XMB in 4.50 CFW!!!


Thanx To all the Dev's for your hard work.