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    teensy 1.0 hex. last post wouldnt let me post the file

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    Aug 2010
    I like the LED thats why i bought it at the time

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    well then learn to compile. I figgered some people just would like the functionality of the new Hermes payload... not just the pretty lites...

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    Aug 2010
    For the ones waiting, you can find the PSGroove v3 for USBTinyMkii Programmer on the following link submitted by Evilsperm.

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    Wink hermes v3

    Psgroove with Hermes v3 for USBTinyMkii:

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    Quote Originally Posted by FernanditoJr View Post
    Psgroove with Hermes v3 for USBTinyMkii:
    Does this have the LED support?

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    Cool latest version as of Oct 15 2010

    Here's the latest version PSGroove v3 HWM - MKTinyII:

    Previously announced here:

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    is this hex a firmware specific hex. like is it for 3.41. what if i want one for 3.15. do i have to compile one myself.
    if so, can some one point me to the right direction?

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    I attached a working Hermes V4 hex that I created, with LED support for the USBTinyMKII

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    Thank you AlmightyDon. but, sorry for asking is it for PS3s with 3.15 FW. or is it that all hex files are not FW specific.

    you see. kakaroto had different hex for every FW and i dont know if hermes is the same thing.

    again thank you

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