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    MinimalBoy Guest
    5) Copy the psxloader folder of this release in the root folder on the pendrive
    I download a pack, but there is no "psxloader folder", only BADATA-SYSTEM, SWAPMAGIC, and USBLD_01.elf

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by MinimalBoy View Post
    I download a pack, but there is no "psxloader folder", only BADATA-SYSTEM, SWAPMAGIC, and USBLD_01.elf
    I think he is referring to Hermes' PSXLoader For PS3, which is available here:


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    aries2k6 Guest
    Ive tried the psxloader method on all my pendrives, usb hdd and psp.
    Sm3.8coder and SM 3.6+. Firmwares 2.30, 2.42 and 2.52. PAL 60gb PS3
    Option E always gives me the black screen. option B does start up USB loader but it doesnt recognize any of the usb devices
    anybody else had any luck?

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    idone Guest
    I have just heard that some pal users have gotten it to list the games this way but still they dont boot..

    So... just a quick fyi

    ************UPDATE usbld 0.2 is coming and supports PAL!!!!*************

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    aries2k6 Guest
    When I saw that it recognized the usb drive with psxloader, I was optimistic that Ifcaro would get it going but Holy Smokes that was quick.
    Has the new version been released to the public yet?

    Hehe, Im a Happy camper

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    neoxxx Guest
    usbld 0.2 support however the JAP version?
    Bring other improvements over its compatibility with the PAL?

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    Bjornp Guest
    THANKS!!! Please make the update fast so I can try it on my PS3 PAL

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    aries2k6 Guest
    the new version of USB loader v0.2 is out. So now everyone with a ps2 compatible ps3 can join the fun

    Great job, Ifcaro and the folk at DemonHades.
    New life for the PS2 scene on the PS3

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    neoxxx Guest
    01- With USBLD v0.2 we can override the Region Locked PS2 games ???
    --> On my Jap PS3 i can run a PAL backup?

    02- USBLD v0.2 is compatible with the other JAP consoles ?

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    aries2k6 Guest
    just use this tutorial. its the same for all consoles now with the new version.

    just copy the BEDATA-SYSTEM to mc0: with Launch.elf. the provided usb.irx works fine. then restart Launch.elf again and launch usbd loader.

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