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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Jockel View Post

    1. Background image (you can change the Background image by BGIMAGE A)
    2. Preview
    Nice... I have been archiving the updates as well. Keep up the good work and +Rep Jockel!

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    Seraphim863 Guest
    Fantastic! Thanks so much, it works like a charm! Xena Warrior Princess here I come!

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    IglooBoy Guest
    great piece of software

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    Spence607 Guest
    Awesome man, thanks.

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    JESSIAH24 Guest
    this works great and is very easy to use.. thanks

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    AJRogers Guest
    I'm about to try it out right now. Looks good though, Thanks.

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    rafi5451 Guest
    thx. it's fantastic !!

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    bazji Guest
    can i extract icons i have with an existing theme with this to use in another theme?


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    Ironman12 Guest
    very nice, it works good.. thanks a lot!

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    FRott Guest
    Does this support 2.4+ icons, (Playing, Trophy, Search), and the ability to add sounds?

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