This guide is courtesy of Have you ever downloaded a PS3 theme, .p3t file, that you would like to customize? Some have icons you love but would like to use them with a different background.

This program unpacks PlayStation 3 Theme files (.p3t). By default, it will extract the contents of the theme file to the directory 'extracted' in the current directory.

IMPORTANT: You need to have the binary 'p3tcompiler.exe' in the same directory as this program, even when it is being run from Linux. This requirement will probably be removed soon.

This program is still in alpha stage and probably has dozens of bugs. If you find any, please let me know!

Here's a quick tutorial:
  • Download from HERE
  • Extract the folder \p3textractor

  • Copy p3tcompiler.exe from into the \p3textractor folder, which you may have already if you create your own themes.

  • As an example lets use the official Pixels Theme placing Pixels.p3t into \p3textractor

  • Start a DOS window. Start - Run - CMD.

  • Find your \p3textractor folder and type in >p3textractor Pixels.p3t
  • C:\p3textractor>p3textractor Pixels.p3t

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  • There should now be a folder \p3textractor\extracted which is Pixels.p3t extracted.

  • Now you can use the icons or backgrounds in Pixels.p3t for any theme that you create.