Recently Lili-Chan has updated PS3 Theme Builder to v3.0, which is now available for those interested in PS3 Theme creation.

Download: PS3 Theme Builder 3.0 (Upgrade Only)

PS3 Theme Builder 3.0 contains numerous updates, including but not limited to the following:

- The application now opens / extracts P3T files automatically, when selecting one using the File > Open command or clicking on the Open button.

- There is a new companion application "Icon Manager". The Icon manager allows users to define new icons definitions as they are released by Sony, eliminating the need for an incremental updates to the application when Sony releases new Icons.

- The application detects if JPG files are saved in non-standard formats (e.g. progressive, or Huffman encoding) and informs the user that the image is not valid.

- After a successful compile, the application cleans up all the .GIM files.

- We have implemented checks that will prevent users from saving / building themes that have "Junk" names (e.g. Blank, undefined, sample, etc...).

- The Genre field has been changed into a combo box with several pre-defined selections available; however users can still enter custom text.

- The application now will automatically convert uncompressed .WAV files to .VAG (Sony PlayStation ADPCM Sound).

- You can also preview your .VAG files in the application. (Note: if you hear static when playing the file, then you need to ensure the .WAV file you converted from is uncompressed).

- The notification window is now supported.

- Users can now create their own preview image and associate it with the theme rather than forcing them to use the inbuilt preview tools.

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