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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by luix View Post
    very good guide here but i went in to trouble. maybe someone can help me out please.

    attached is a pic
    It appears that "netstat", which if I recall is installed by default with Windows - is not installed. Since your running in a VM - I'm going to take a guess and assume you may have installed a minimalist version of Windows.

    According to google, you should be able to find it on the XP Disk, its probably in I386\Netstat.ex_ or something, and copy it to: C:\WINDOWS\system32\netstat.exe. Then it should work fine!

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    luix Guest


    thanks for the quick answer. i am on a windows pc now. everything went fine, but i can't see anything in dtccons?

    pic attached

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by luix View Post
    thanks for the quick answer. i am on a windows pc now. everything went fine, but i can't see anything in dtccons?
    Make sure that you set the environmental variable DTNETM to

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    luix Guest


    hey cjpc,

    i already had dtnetm set to, everything works fine till the point where it goes to the bdbed -nodebug cellftp.self

    when i do this commando it says cannot open port 11001 in msys window -> in the dtccons window the "...agent.." appears. -> like in the pic in the post before. when i do the bdbed -nodebug cellftp.self commando the second time the spu window pops up but nothing happens in the dtccons window. i didn't get the commando>.

    any solutions? i am on a win 7 pc. the ps3 test and the pc are on a router. pc has the ip and the ps3 test sometimes i get a pic on the tv for the ps3 and sometimes not. does this come up when i have succesfully connected to the ps3 or should this come any time. this is just a info window. showing the ip's and so on. the ps3 is in debug mode.

    didn't get it to run! have done everything in the guide, but i doesn't work for me;-( i am at home in 2-3 hours, maybe someone could connect to my pc and look for a solution. would be great, sorry for the probs i make, but i can't believe that this doesn't work for me. i have the 1.60 sdk by the way.

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    imtoodvs Guest
    uninstall everything then pm me & i'll team viewer you, & set it up. i'm on 7 & it gave me hell too... lol

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    luix Guest
    i am ready tell me what to do.

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    luisfg3 Guest
    hi , Someone here has got to run some game hdd?

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    luix Guest

    Need Help!

    hey guys

    can someone please help me out of this endless nightmare. just installed winxp to my win7 pc, thought this might be the problem. but i just can't get this command> in the dtccons window. please, i have teamviewer installed. dtnetm is set to; my firewall is deactivated

    see pics attached

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    CJPC Guest
    Good news- the fact that it shows "Mini Debug Agent" means that it is talking with the PS3.

    However, when trying to run cellftp.self, you are of course, getting an error. I'd first try to re-run bedbg -prepare.

    Furthermore, if it does succeed, but has no output in the dtccons window, try hitting the enter key a few times, sometimes it wont "show up" until you do.

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    luix Guest
    talking with the target unit is not the problem. i use the "dtpreset" commando to restart the test unit. everything seems to work except the cellftp.self thing. are there special settings to make on the ps3 or in the pc, except the one in the guide and the $ony guide? its crazy, but i don't give up

    i pressed enter till the buffer full massage?

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