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    deathriders Guest
    ohhhh , i want to create a game lol simply reburn my review disc game because is scratch and some is not working now.

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    CJPC Guest
    luisfg3, set DTNETM to , use another window and run "dtnetm -d IP_OF_YOUR_PS3", then try it again.

    cfwprophet, the PS3 should be in debug mode - it can be a pain (to say the least) to get cellftp.self launched through the XMB.

    deathriders, if your game is a true review disk (as in, a BD-R / DVD-R) you can simply use a PC to copy it like any other disk (make an ISO, etc). However, if its a "white label", you need to do it this way, via the guide.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I have the incomplete SDK_1.60.08 and all files CJPC have used in his Guide are there. Only the DTNETM.exe is missing like he hase mentioned. So hunt for that on the NET or find some one who wants to share it with you and it should be good.

    You than can dump your Game to pc and play it from there ON your PS3 and you do not need to rebuild it with the PS3_Disk_Generator. So no need to hunt for that.

    I'm not sure about .pkgs but its possible that also this files are present in the incomplete SDK_1.60.And its possible that you maybe will need the debug key to sign the pkgs for the Debug PS3.

    This than would mean that you will need one full complete SDK to be able to use self made pkgs on your debug ps3 or for the need to build a new BD Image.

    Also if you want to record the PS3s RAM to optain a decrypted EBOOT.BIN you will need the ProDG-Debugger Software with the including Reference Tool Kit and Target Manager.

    If you are lucky enough to came across a Full_PS3_SDK_2.20 then the ProDG-Debugger should be included.

    I'm also in need of the ProDG-Debugger.

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    zhixiang Guest


    Getting backups to work is not hard (just transfer, decrypt and resign with debug signature). The hard part is getting the updates and patches via sp-int network. You will be in luck if you happen to have a good old CECHA00 60gb debug unit, then you will be able to install retail update.

    However, you will need the special 1.50 and 1.00 downgrade .PUP as well. Simply said, it's more for research purpose and to get decrypted content you will need an original disc anyway although you could technically borrow or rent the disc. not to mention you need to hunt for "dtnetm" on your own.

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    deathriders Guest
    i have a decha00a console..

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    randalf Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    Also if you want to record the PS3s RAM to optain a decrypted EBOOT.BIN you will need the ProDG-Debugger Software with the including Reference Tool Kit and Target Manager.

    Days ago I had a question to do but did not know how to present, I take your post that mentions the topic.

    Maybe there is another way for this at least for old games, I really have great security in being exactly what I say and even less to explain the process. "record the PS3's RAM" should be like a core_dump, would this correct?

    You know the option exists in core_dump debug options. Find in the forum these 2 mentions CJPC on the same topic:

    question: the method to decrypt the eboot can be a ramdump?

    CJPC: Depending on The Game You can, however newer games you can not.

    question: test (debug) ps3 have an option to dump the RAM in a USB device can confirm that to you?

    CJPC: You can do what is called a core dump - it will basically dump memory applications that IF an exception is encountered, and you can dump to USB, HDD0, MS, or over the network.

    Try to get the often core_dump in / dev_usb000, not knowing the exact method or the options to turn on ps3 (or cause an exception handling as an application or game) just played at random and hoping for a lot of work , and I think one job well, I found these following 2 files below in / dev_usb000, not as they are formed, or that game or application was, and I could not repeat it again. : /

    The summary is just that maybe EBOOT.BIN decryption can be obtained this way are not actually opened with a hex editor eboot.bin.elf Econtra a match with the one shown in this thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/playst...ed-104887.html

    ps3core-1267494924-0x01010200-EBOOT.BIN.elf 1,369,384 bytes
    ps3core-1267494924-0x01010200-EBOOT.BIN.log 2641 bytes

    I hope I have been a little clearer and not go too far without reason.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Seems to be the normal way which was used till sony closed that whole. But what i meaned was that ProDG can display and record the ps3s RAM in real time on your PC.So simply you start the game on your test ps3 and record the RAM.

    After that you can dump the decrypted eboot.bin with a hex editor or maybe directly with ProDG.But i wasnt so lucky to have possabillities to play with the Referenc Tool.

    This works of because the ps3 will decrypt the eboot.bin and load it into the RAM.But only works with games prior to FW 2.10.After that sony closed that whole and you will need Debug-Update PKGs to get hands on a use able executeable. (its possible that Prodg still can record the ps3s ram)

    Or you downgrade to 1.50 and install the retail update pkg, then start it, dump it, rebuild the game

  8. #38
    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    its possible that Prodg still can record the ps3s ram
    Actually, games after 2.10 - it sadly also can not!

  9. #39
    randalf Guest
    I understand, thanks for the responses, it is not all bad news if it can be worked with less than fw 2.10, so if understand it right now eboot.bin.elf generated is only part of EBOOT.BIN, not complete ?

    Many thanks

  10. #40
    cfwprophet Guest
    You can also play on higher FWs but you will need the debug update pkg to get hands on a eboot.bin.

    And if you are out of luck then not all eboot.bins for all cores will be included in the update and for that it doesnt work.You need one executeable per core!!

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