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Thread: PS3 Semi-Brick Fix (5 Bleeps of Death) for DEX to CEX Bricks Guide

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    G Sus Guest

    PS3 Semi-Brick Fix (5 Bleeps of Death) for DEX to CEX Bricks Guide

    Here is a tutorial that i have used twice now to fix my ps3 from the dex to cex semi brick that results in console beeping fast and then turning off. This from the ps3 dev wiki just with stuff removed that isn't needed and might confuse people:

    Files can be found

    PS Grade/Factory Mode dongle hex files:

    Rogero's 3.4 firmware PUP:

    Full pack: Download DEX fix.rar

    How to unbrick from a DEX to CEX conversion

    When it happens?

    When doing a DEX to CEX conversion, when you're in 3.55 DEX firmware after flashing the CEX EID0.NORBIN in Multiman CEX, you shutdown the ps3 and the PS3 won't boot anymore.

    This problem is related to CEX CFW syscon hashes. Follow this tutorial if you want to prevent the brick from happen.

    Brick sign

    On boot, the ps3 console, after 5 "double beeps" very fast and turn off after 3 seconds - no video output

    See an example:

    • USB Dongle with the payload to go to factory mode (ex: E3)
    • USB Pen formated as FAT32 (help if it have led status to check if its working and ps3 is doing his stuff)
    • 3.55 CEX Firmware PUP with prepatched lv1 (no syscon hash checks) (i used rogero v3.4 cex cfw)

    • Use always the right USB port (next to BD/power button/eject button) for the USB Dongle and the USB PEN
    • You will not have video output until step 10

    On the computer

    1. Format USB PEN and put lv2diag.self file 1 also put PS3UPDAT.PUP in the root of the PEN (the 2 files must be in the root of the USB PEN and nothing else)

    On the PS3

    2. Switch off ps3 from power cord
    3. Put the USB Dongle with service mode payload in the right usb port
    4. Put power cord in the console
    5. Press power button followed quickly with eject button, the console should boot, and then reboot. (if the beeps continue it's normal)
    6. Remove service dongle
    7. Put the USB Pen with the 2 files inside in the right usb port
    8. Power on the PS3. If all went well you shall see the ps3 reading stuff in the usb pen, and the hard drive of ps3 working, wait for the console to power off.
    9. Remove the USB PEN (you will have an UPDATER_LOG.TXT in the Pen with the details)
    10. Power on the PS3
    11. At this point you can check if the console boot up and its inside factory mode (red square box in the bottom left of the screen)
    12. Power off the PS3

    On the computer

    13. All you need now is to get out of Factory Mode, so put lv2diag.self file 2 in a FAT32 blank USB Pen

    On the PS3

    14. Put the USB Pen in the right port with the file already on it
    15. Power on (the console will power off automatically)
    16. Power again and should be ok

    hope this helps others.

    remember to only use the pup included in the download pack or the rogero pup. these pups are special pups that will ignore the blueray drive which altered during being on dex

    where the guide tells you to use Lvl2diag(1).self or Lvl2diag(2).self dont forget to delete the (1) or (2) these numbers are only there so you can identify the two different FSM tools. (1) for entering FSM , and (2) for exiting FSM.

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    G Sus Guest
    okey , so now you got your precious ps3 rescued. i'd suggest you either never go to dex again (Borring) or read this before reverting back to cex next time:

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    umarswat Guest
    with this method my hdd will format ?

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    G Sus Guest
    with the dex to cex semi brick yes your hd is formatted with the dex to cex reversion, no it is possible to not format the hdd.

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    umarswat Guest
    in fsm can i copy my stuff to external hdd like save games or videos etc ?

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    G Sus Guest
    not that i'm aware of.

    or at least not from a semi brick, cos when you enter fsm your screen output is blank, and you have to do the fw update blind.
    it tells you in the tutorial.

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    xpa12 Guest
    I've had this happen to myself. I have all the files required but can't seem to find anything to flash my ps3break dongle with the psgrade hex file.

    Can anyone please advise if and how I can do this?

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    You need PS3Break Loader program to flash any file that the dongle can recognize, then just follow the instructions displayed in the program.

    Download it from here:

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    xpa12 Guest
    Thanks ConsoleDev, i have tried that and cannot get the dongle in program mode, it is a v1.0 PS3 Break dongle - i am not sure if this requires something different as the program says to choose from v1.1 or 1.2. and doesn't detect the PSgrade mHex file

    Is this the only program to do this flash with?

    Appreciate the help given

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    I'm sorry but probably you have the v1.0 "long" version that can't be used for your purpose because the microchip inside the dongle can't be flashed; you need a different dongle

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