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Thread: PS3 Semi-Brick Fix (5 Bleeps of Death) for DEX to CEX Bricks Guide

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    xpa12 Guest
    It is the shorter version and looks identical to the v1.1 except it says v1.0. It sometimes comes up with unrecognised USB device but other times will install it as a generic USB hub on my PC.

    I'm not sure where to go with this now, can anyone recomnend a dongle that i could easily flash with psgrade?

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    If you have the shorter version based on the ATMEL chip you need FLIP 3.4.2 (which requires Java) to flash files on the dongle.

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    Ek2112 Guest
    Can I use psp instead of a dongle?

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    emerax Guest
    Thanks OP.

    If someone for example me was to semi brick their system converting from DEX to CEX on 4.21/30 rebug/rogero firmware, would they need to use a 999 3.55 downgrader from either developers instead of the stated straight 3.55 pup?


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    TylerW054 Guest
    Help, it doesn't work

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