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    Post PS3 Red Kawa Tutorial


    1. Download and install (
    2. Launch program

    3. Move media (in other redkawa programs you can just change the directory)
    3a. VIDEOS---C:\Program Files\Red Kawa\Media Center\software\Video\videos
    3b. MUSIC---C:\Program Files\Red Kawa\Media Center\software\Music\music
    3c. PICTURES---C:\Program Files\Red Kawa\Media Center\software\Pictures\images
    3d. FILES---C:\Documents and Settings

    4. Go on the net in your PS3 and go to the Web address that redkawa gives you (I removed some numbers from mine)


    1. Download and install (
    2. Launch program

    3. Change directory were you download from
    3a. Either hit launch file server or go to the given Web address
    3b. Go to setting at botton of page
    3c. Add a directory by putting one in the "Add Directory" field

    4. Launch fileserver from within you PS3 by going to the Web address givin (same spot as the Media Center)
    5. Download all your stuff to your PS3!

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    Thanks for the post. I have downloaded and pasted a picture into the file as per the instructions. Im just not sure how I access the http:// address in the PS3 - what do i go into in the ps3? I can get the internet but if i type this address in there it doesnt go there - think its a search engine im in so that is probably why.

    Thanks, apologies, did say i was a novice.

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    did you type the ip address that red kawa gave you in the web browser on your ps3?

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    thanks for the tutorial!

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