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Thread: PS3 Pulsing Slot Light Mod Tutorial

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    Post PS3 Pulsing Slot Light Mod Tutorial

    This guide will teach you how to make a pulsing slot light for the PS3 drive just like the Nintendo Wii has. It will also void your warranty, so use it at your own risk!


    - Philips head screw driver
    - Soldering iron /w solder
    - SMD LED (your color choice)
    - PIC 12f629 (big or small version, bigger is easier in this case)
    - PIC programmer

    - 470ohm resistor
    - Wire (30 AWG Kynar wire recommended)
    - Momentary push switch
    - Proto Board (optional)
    - PS3

    Download the Pulse Hex from HERE.

    Now use ICProg ( to program the PIC 12f629 with the Pulse HEX you just downloaded from above.

    After programming the chip, solder up the chip as shown below. You want wires coming from Pin 1,2,5& 8 for these are the pins we will be using. At this point I decided to wire up the circuit to a proto board this is the schematic:

    Note: I have used the smaller version IN/S, but it makes no difference.

    Now wire as show in the schematic and you should have something like this:

    I have a little plug where I can just unclip the LEDs when I need to remove the Drive. Once that is all wired up let's take apart the PS3 all you need to do is take its top off:

    Now remove the BD drive there is a ribbon cable underneath it and a power cable at the side so just take not of them. That power cable at the side I just mentioned is where we will be getting out power from its 12Volts so that's why we need the 470ohm resistor. Here is what I am talking about:

    Now lets focus on the BD drive at the front at the moment there should be some felt, peel this off and put it somewhere in case we need it again.

    Looking at the front case there is a hole at the right and left of the DVD drive (I used this to run the wiring through it helps hold it in place). Now with that LED at that end i just put a little foam tape next to it to keep it in place and protection.

    One completed and other not:

    Note that the wiring can be hidden behind the front metal shielding if you opt to do this you will have to take apart the shielding from the BD drive a little bit.

    Both done connected the circuit board:

    Now this is probably a good time to plug back all the ribbon and power cables the BD drive and then plug the circuit board into its 12V power points. and turn the PS3 on. This is what you should get:

    It should pulse at the fastest speed if this is your first time using it with that PIC, but just press the push button to activate a slower sequence keep pressing the button till your're happy with a speed.

    Here is a picture of where the circuit board hides:

    And a picture of it with the case back on:

    I have used UV LEDs in this case and they are not very bright and photograph poorly for some reason. I was trying to go with the whole UV theme as that's the color of the blu-ray laser but it's just not as spectacular as I hoped for so I will probably be changing them to green SMDs which are more vibrant).

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    fowls35 Guest
    where do the pins on the chip connect to? and you can't really see how you have done this.

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    brooklynstayf Guest
    Nice guide, idk the answer to that though.

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