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    Post PS3 and PSP Custom Game Save Image Modding Guide

    Modding Game Save Images Tutorial

    1. Save your game save to a USB flash drive.

    2. Open your game save on your computer.

    3. Right click on PC1.PNG and click on edit.

    4. Edit in paint, do what ever you like to it.

    5. Put the game save back on your PS3 and look at it!

    This is for people who didn't know about this, I know most of us have.


    - This will work for the PSP and the PS3.
    - The game save can be really big, so make sure your have 500mb + USB Flash drive.

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    Post Custom PS3 Game Save Guide

    Ok, Iīm sure some of you have already noticed the that you can modify some things in the PS3 gamesave but Iīve never actually seen it mentioned. Here is everything Iīve found out.

    ICON0.PNG - size 320x176 You can replace it with any .png of the same size or smaller. If you put a smaller image the ps3 will expand the image. If you put an image thatīs to big or if you delete the image, the PS3 will use a default icon.

    ICON1.PAM - the little video that you see. Since we donīt have anyway to create a .PAM file theres not much you can do except delete it(if the save has one) or replace with one from another gamesave. you can also use the XMB Game icon.pam from a ripped game. Most of the gamesave icon1.pam donīt have the sound incorporated in them but some like LAIR do. If you have an Icon1.pam, you wonīt see the Icon0.png

    PIC1.PNG - size 1000x560 This is the background image you see to the right of the icon. You can add, delete or remove with any image. If you put a smaller size the PS3 will expand it. if you put a bigger size the PS3 will put it to the right size or cut it, donīt remember which for certain. if you delete it there wonīt be any default image.

    SND0.AT3 - Here you can play around a little bit more. You can delete,add, or replace with another gamesave sound. You can also use the SND0.AT3 from PSP games or make custom sounds with the right programs. I never did it myself but there was a few custom sounds for PSP homebrew. If the icon1.pam has sound incorporated in the video and you add the SND0.AT3, this will override and you will hear the SND0.AT3 and not the sound thatīs in the icon1.pam. I was hoping for some kind of conflict but nothing, not even the 2 playing at once.

    You can delete all the files from a gamesave folder except PARAM.SFO and PARAM.PFD for it to remain an official save and transfer to the PS3 HDD. If you try to hexedit these files the PS3 will give you a corrupt message when you try to transfer to the PS3. If you just want to play around, you can alter the text from the PARAM.SFO and visualize that text on the PS3 if the save remains on the usb or memory sticks.

    You can also add files in a gamesave and sneak them over to the ps3. The maximum limit for a PS3 gamesave is aproximately 1GB. All filenames must be in Capital letters and can only have a maximum of 8 letters with 3 letters for the extension. If the files donīt fit those specifications the PS3 will just ignore them and copy over the other files. So you could have a file called PSX.ISO and transfer it to the HDD hidden inside the save.

    Also the PS3 actually supports one more video format in the XMB. The .PAM format which is using AVC encoding. If you have a save with an icon1.pam video, copy it to a usb, then go to video in the XMB, select your USB, press the triangle to view all and go to the gamesave folder. you can then view the video. unfortunately the .AT3 format is not supported so if the icon1.pam has it incorporated you wonīt be able to play it.

    Just one last thing before I bore everyone to death... Copy a game save you have on the PS3, change the PIC1.PNG. Now view it on your usb and then view the original save on your PS3. The PS3 gets confused there for a moment and will show you the last PIC1.PNG visualized for that save. If you move around the XMB a little bit and then go back it will show you the correct image.

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