What can make you lag?


On some modems there is a little button called a standby. This enables you to lag within a game and you can do certain glitches. Not all modems have one though.

Magic Switch

An alternative is to make a lag switch. Search google for "Lag Switch" or "Make A Lag Switch". There are alot of tutorials on how to make these.

Other Ways to Lag

If u have a router next to you, you can unplug the wire coming FROM your modem into your router. It does the same effect as a standby. You can also download a lag emulator. Search Google for that too. You can also use a program called Net Tools, ask a friend how to use it/set it up.

Lag Concept

When you lag inside a game, you stop on others screens while on your screen your still going. Enabling you to do lots of shit with it. Now there are many things u can come across using it: Slides, Different Gun Glitches, People see you somewhere where you really arent, etc. Now finding a glitch with lag in socom 3 isnt as easy as socom 2. Socom 3 there are alot of diffrent things.. like more animations, smoother gameplay and so on.

These things cause there to not be as many slides, because the lag will completely block any animations that might have gone by and catch up. Although one exeption is the cable glitch. When you do it, you stay in the same position you started from, but in the spot when you stopped lagging. This is how the perfect swim in air was found.

In the lobby though using the lag to catch up is the way most glitches are done. Take the universal glitch for example.. when it catches up the room you made is the room you tried joining before.


Q: What makes me lag the most?
A: It all depends on your internet speed. Most of the time a standby will make u lag the most effectively. Although i have heard of some people's standbys not doing anything. The order for the fastest is Standby/Pulling Cord (FROM MODEM) Lag Emulater > LagSwitch > Pulling Cord (FROM PS2)

Q: Why do I need to lag?
A: Because some glitches need u to have it, if u cant oh well, theres a lot of other cool stuff that you can see on ur own screen that is just as cool.

Q: I get disconnected alot when I lag, why is this?
A: You dont have infinite lag, theres only a certain amount of time u have. It varies a lot so just figure how long you have.

How To Make A Lagswitch?

1) Take your ethernet cord and find a spot, mainly torwards an end, find a spot and cut 2-3 inches of the insulation off, not through the cord, just the insulation around the wires inside. Now there are two wires inside you need, orange stripped and orange solid (no stripes).

2) Now you will see wires inside, but find the orange set, there are two seperate them and you should have a solid orange, and a stripped orange. Take the solid orange.

3) Take the solid orange wire and cut the cord in half. Now strip about an inch (1 inch) off of both ends of the solid orange wire you have cut in half. Now after you stripp the solid orange wire you will now see metal copper prons/wires.

4) Now take both ends of the solid orange wires you stripped and place the copper prons/wires on the switch (light switch) such as below, now either tape, screw, glue, and etc. Make sure you have those wires places stuck there on all times, so you dont get disconnected.


Fake Standby:

1. Get your regular ethernet cord and unplug it from PS2.
2. Now get an ethernet conjoiner
3. Now go get a long, long cord and plug that in to PS2 and ethernet conjoiner
4. Now just pull the cord from the ethernet conjoiner, and badaboom you have easy lag
5. This is for people who cant use net tools and dont have standby or switch

Use Standby With Wireless Router:

1. Have a modem (duh).
2. Make sure your ps2 internet cord is plugged into your wireless router. Look at the back of your router you will see at the very top their should be a ethernet cord that is you standby switch
3. If you want to turn standby on just unplug the cord if you wan to turn it off just plug cord back in you can do all standby glitches with this cord I have tested them.