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  1. #11
    idone Guest
    6 watt weller.

  2. #12
    hsvralphie Guest
    Nice Job.. Love The Detail

  3. #13
    Xil Guest
    Great work idone

    I hope Team infectus will work again on the Playstation 3.

  4. #14
    th3rp809 Guest
    if only I can learn how to solder..

  5. #15
    idone Guest
    If you're a beginner to soldering i suggest something along THESE lines.

    The points to be soldered to are all pretty large, and it is almost impossible to lift one of the pads on a memory card with a 15watt iron...you would have to really try to damage something in this project.

    Get some good flux, tin up your wire and the point to be soldered to and just have fun.

  6. #16
    spawnofjago Guest
    I believe it may be time to get this thread up and running again. Considering the fact that I don't have enough privilege to even look at the pics posted.

    Thank you!!!

  7. #17
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I can view the pics attached in the first post OK here, if you are referring to others let me know which and I will investigate further.

  8. #18
    spawnofjago Guest
    I can now see the attached thumbs which I am guessing are the pics in the first post. Those pics show just show up as ? marks. Thanks anyway!

  9. #19
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    The thumbs are the pics in the first post correct, but you should be able to view the thumbs and the pics inline (in the first post) also... if they are showing up as ? marks something is wrong.

    It would be great if you could attach a pic of the question marks you are seeing as I don't see them here.

  10. #20
    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Probably a problem with your browser. Happens some times.

    Try Again.

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