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  1. #81
    naturesbane Guest
    I used kswift510's method but needed 1.73 and to turn off arp one-way poison. Thanks for pointers on mirc supa/kswift510

  2. #82
    hacked2123 Guest
    Worked, and hehe, they didn't disable/distroy my username hacked2123, lol
    Crazy, GT HD Demo on V1.11, it was released on 1.32 I believe

  3. #83
    Edmarts Guest
    Please, pictures to config on PS3 ... Thanks

  4. #84
    arfiny Guest
    Works perfectly. Thanks.

  5. #85
    Edmarts Guest
    Which IP I use in the DNS of the PS3?

  6. #86
    SPYdir Guest
    when i start ettercapNG a command win comes and says choose your interface and below press any key when i press any key from keyboard it closes i tried to do the kswift's method but can't make it.

    In Kswifts method why do we install winpcap and can't open the ettercap because of command pop-up pls help.

  7. #87
    profmadness Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Edmarts View Post
    Which IP I use in the DNS of the PS3?
    hey Edmarts: what i did was put my REAL ip address
    in the first DNS box. then i put the one my router gives me "192.168.1.**" in the second box. then everything worked just fine.

  8. #88
    mynamesmouse Guest
    Worked like a charm, 1st windows tutorial. simple dns running on wireless laptop. Running wirless on ps3. Alternate dns set as my wired machine. Just in case. got my ass covered.

  9. #89
    Jimpanse560 Guest
    Works like a charm Perfect Work !!

  10. #90
    plthedarkone Guest
    DNS method didnt wok for me.. :??

    Im using router and Japan PS3 console (20gb). I downloaded and installed dns proggram. And give the ps3 my pc s lan IP. But in the internet test (ps3) IP test success and connection failed. What can I do?? Perhaps different server name and IP for Japan console? Please help...

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