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  1. #721
    eternal Guest
    If you had searched you would have found my guide HERE.

  2. #722
    pspbag Guest
    I tried to bypass it for a while but I couldn't. Finally, my brother just got it to be updated to 1.70 (duh...)
    Is there any way to prevent against further update from 1.70 (i.e. later when 1.80 is released for example) using the tricks that have been described here? By the way, I'm using the AUStralian version

    Thank you in advance.

  3. #723
    carapalida Guest
    hi, this is the closest thread i found to post my question and i read up to page 68 but i kind of have to get going...

    i have had a ps3 for quite a while but i have never done any online stuff with it and i kind of feel i am missing the boat with all these demos and stuff that are coming out.

    i have firmware 1.31 (or 1.32, can't remember) and... well... one side of me wants to keep it that way (you know why) and the other wants to do some online stuff, including, grabbing my online id before someone does that.

    i have read that it is ok to upgrade to 1.50 but i just wanted to make sure with you all before i do this...

    once i have the 1.50 i can still use the store and download demos right? or as of today (may 5th) the trick you guys were doing no longer works?

    thank you all for your time and patience with my questions.

  4. #724
    Desi Guest
    Upto 1.50 including 1.51 will still be fine for the "obvious" reason. I seriously would not update anything past that. 1.50 and 1.51 will still let you download demos using the proxy method. Infact I want on today and it still works fine. Again, I wouldn't advise you to update anything after this.

  5. #725
    di4medollaz Guest
    Hey all,

    i am on a usa ps3 and am on firmware 1.51 and am still using the simple dns bypass trick and have been for a couple months now without any problems exept trying to play the ninja gaiden demo and i was just wondering if anyone has actually found a way to play newer games with firmware checks like the game F.E.A.R. "wich requires 1.54" and if so how do i get past it? I really want to play a couple new games that have just came out and want to be able to play games that are coming out in the future without updating. thanx

  6. #726
    piero101 Guest
    To play the games we need a FW emulator. The bypass trick works only for the PS Network

  7. #727
    ProsaCC Guest
    Anybody got Calling All Cars to work on the EUR PS3 using Proxy? I'm using Proxyserver by CF3B5 and all I get is "A system software update is required."

  8. #728
    Duff Man Guest
    the bigger problem is the fact it requires an activation file. i have firmware 1.6 so i get the good ol 'this content cannot by accessed on your account.

  9. #729
    ProsaCC Guest
    Okay... so waiting until one comes is the only thing we can do for now?

  10. #730
    Duff Man Guest
    for you and me (and anyone outside the US) yes

    otherwise you could buy it - but we can't even do that... stupid region stores and credit card checks....

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