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Thread: PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed thread!

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    yes well i followed your directions exactly, but that error keeps catching me out. The wierd thing for me is that it only occurs when i put in my routers IP, but the PC IP is accepted fine. I did see another case of this on another site, but the post was unanswered. Thanks for your help anyway Mintor, once im finally back online ill have to hit a fellow aussie up for some rfom.

    Edit: HAHA yess!! Thank you a million times over Duff Man. Worked a charm. Seriously, I want to have your babies jks jks. Thanks a bunch again, we will have to hook up for some rfom sometime.

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    Mintor Guest
    Nice write up Duff Man! VendeTTaa congrats on getting it to work!

    My username here is my PSN name so hit me up for some rfom.

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    Duff Man Guest
    hehe no probs buddy, glad it worked, as for babies, i'm trying to stay away from being a dad just yet - but in 10 odd years you never know... i'm all for rfom, i just need to get the ol keyboard and mouse thing going first - i'm an ol pc fps and i just can't use the controlpad...

    Duffman.... AWAY!!!!!

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    robertr728 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by VendeTTaa View Post
    Are you saying its possible to just use 3r1c's version?
    Yes it is possible to only use 3r1c version you dont need to add the txt file or anything it will automatically let you online. also you simply put your file in the redirect box and then any demo you try to download will redirect to your pc file. it is a totally easy and awsome program.

    congrats on getting your bypass to work by the way.


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    Stonington Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jurai View Post
    Here's a simple way to setup your PS3 to bypass the firmware check using a Windows machine as a dns server, its basically the same thing as what Wii users did to use the wii shop as a browser
    Thanks for the helpful tutorial, im now downloading ps home demo w/fw 1.51, thx again (and thx to ps3news for posting the links on the initial post of this thread)!!!

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    Dragonos Guest

    I canīt get connected.

    Hello i have a PS3 and i have installed 1.60 Firmware version on it, i do this tutorial to update but i cant get connection to the internet, i configure as the tutorial say, i put the IP of my PC to the DNS of the PS3, and write a new IP in the PS3 but i canīt connect, please someone help, Thanks...

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    Duff Man Guest
    hey drangos - you put your computer ip as the proxy address - your dns should still be your router

    it seems like you're trying to update the firmware further - if so - then you don't need a proxy - but if you want to stay at 1.6 then you use a proxy to bypass the firmware check

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    Dragonos Guest
    Thanks But how i use the Proxy to bypass the firmware check of my PS3, is there a tutorial somewhere, Thanks...:??

    Ok i think i did it, but i want to now if i most use SimpleDNSPlus and the PS3Proxy server, and in the proxy server what url i most use, please someone help me iīm verry impacient for donwload the Ninja Gaiden Zigma Demo without upgrade the firmware, please i dont now if iīm doing it rigth what else i need Besides SimpleDNSPlus and PS3Proxy, Thanks..

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    Duff Man Guest
    well i don't use simple dns - everything through CF3B's ps3proxy

    i wrote a guide a few pages back - but instead of using the code for the aus version put in whatever version yours checks. read the guide buddy, it's all there...

    have you download ninja gaiden yet to your computer? do that now to save time later - the link is in the sticky for the psn store

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    eladsim Guest
    HELP!!! I cant figure out what to do with this simple dns thing... It expired and I cant find a way to get it working again.

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