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Thread: PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed thread!

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    NDT Guest
    Does the ps3-updatelist.txt on ps3news still works?
    I just bought a PAL PS3 and i went online with PS3.proxy but i had to relink this link:
    to a custom file i did with the image version of the 1.50 fw otherwise i got error:
    # EU
    This way i went online without problems

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    mercurius8 Guest

    PS3 Triangle Button

    Quote Originally Posted by hexperience View Post
    If I missed the answer, please don't blast me .. I've been reading for a couple hours and may have missed some of the posts... I have a us w/1.32. Using the DNS method I was able to create my account. Since then I am not able to connect, with either DNS or proxy methods.

    - Does 1.32 still work for bypassing?


    If 1.32 will not do the bypass, does anyone know which game I can run out and rent that will have 1.51 on it?

    That should be a legit way of getting an older update is it not?

    See this link for Min Game firmware:

    Oblivion 4 needs 1.51 to play and it will have 1.51 FW in it.

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    Locke7 Guest
    I'm using the ps3.proxyserver method, and it's working perfectly. My only question is that every time I start proxyserver, the ip address is Is there any way to save my ip address so I don't need to manually put it in each time (and check the ps3 box) before hitting start? Is this happening for anyone else? I see that it creates a config.xml file after closing it the first time. Inside the .xml file, it has saved everything in the "replace files" section. I'm wondering if anyone knows if we can add our ip address to the xml file to get it to load it.

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    Darkflame808 Guest
    Uh I leave mine at and it works just fine. I never knew I needed to out my local address. LOL

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    reckzeraw Guest
    Hey guys, just needin a hand n sum info... Followed the tut "Ettercap Windows" and it crashes constantly in vista so moved onto "SimpleDNS" - Okay setup and followed the tut 4 simpleDNS... Everything seems good to go, on the ps3 i have ip address "suceeded" and internet "suceeded" but it constantly bring up a msg that i still need 2 update.

    i checked on the graph on SimpleDNS on the pc and i have spiked activity, so i would imagine that the ps3 is talking 2 the pc. Why am i still getting update firmware? i read sumwhere on the forum that i should just switch off the ps3 and back on & it'll work? dunno yets coz im @ work. Any help would b greatly appreciated.

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    dud0r Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dud0r View Post
    I have read through all pages but i just can't seem to get my ps3 to get online, i can't get to the store/browser or even sign up. I'm using windows and have no router, i also have a ipv6 tunnel for downloading, using 1.5fw on the EU console (dutch) My ps3 can find my Ip but can't seem to connect to internet giving me the 80710102 error.
    Forget to mention i also tried ps3.proxy.gui and did everything according to the explanation on page 38/39 and i still get a 80028EA6 error.

    should i just buy a router and hope it will all work out fine then ?

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    robertr728 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bobafettap View Post
    i really appreciate help but still no luck, here's what im doing:
    if you are useing proxigui program then for proxy you enter your pc ip that is running proxy program. if your using say simple dns method the turn proxy off and for dns set that to your pc ip adress. all other settings seem correct.

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    reckzeraw Guest
    Reading the posts theres been plenty of trials n errors...

    Just wanna know if any of you guys/gals have kinda had a similiar situation. 1day old ps3 v1.50 n running simpleDNS on my pc, followed the tut 2 the point n all seems good to go. Ive also added all the addresses in etter.dns / something ive got to note, im from south africa. do ya think <----is South Africa?

    On the ps3 i have ip adress succeeded and internet succeeded, can browse on the net via ps3 but n theres always a but... The store or registration constantly asks me to update. Checked SimpleDNS on the pc and i have spiked activity on the graph, so imagine the ps3 is talking to the pc.

    Other thangs ive tried ps3.proxy.gui, didnt work on vista couldnt install & ettercap method just crashes.

    bashes head against wall. any help or info would b ultra cool - thnx

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    NDT Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by reckzeraw View Post
    1day old ps3 v1.50
    Read my post above and use PS3.proxy tool with the file i posted (copy the CODE and save it as ps3-updatelist.txt in ur PC HD). Relink the link the PS3 check online with the saved file and u're set.

    Easy, quick and free

    that file is for ppl using 1.50 fw, ppl with 1.51 or 1.54 have to edit it with the right imageversion (i posted the imageversions in this thread some time ago).

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    cedricj Guest

    Things were not working for me either until i did start a Internet Explorer to the IP address you configure in SimpleDNS. Then it started to work. May that helps someone?


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