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    uberfrost Guest
    thnx you all guys, ps3proxy gui works for me.. im using 1.51 check this link if your having problems setting it up.. http://www.ps4news.com/forums/playst...-55789-38.html

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    robertr728 Guest
    hi all,

    i upgraded to 1.5 and using simple dms i can log into the store. so that works but i also have proxy program rumming and when i click to download the demo it actually downloads the demo. i dunno how to get into the store with simple dns and get the proxy server working at the samw time. if i set it up with my ps3 internet settings using proxy server settings i get the you must update error.

    if i set it up using the dns setting to my pc that has simple dns i can get to the store but load the demo insted of full game. how do i get the full game on my ps3 while running simple dns? or is this not possible.

    well i am able to transfer the game and log into the storeboth using th proxygui program .im pretty sure its working since i used the adress for full auto 2 and it first said the file was 700 something mb. replaced the file with gripshift full that i downloaded and now it says full auto 2 is 294 nb. so this tells me its working. will try suduko packs after gripshift.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spunks3 View Post
    okay, im gunna need some help. Im running fw v1.51 and i was using simple DNS plus and it was working fine. then it expired and everything went wrong.

    I have no clue on what to do. how do i find the IP adress and DNS address that i need to enter into my PS3. Idk how i even did it when i set up simple DNS. i have windows XP and i really need a step by step procdure on what to do. i've been reading through this thread and nuthin really makes sense to me. for the proxy server, do i need to make a txt file? im sooooo confused, if someone can make a step by step guide that would be GREAT. i meen, from getting the IP stuff that we need and what to enter in PS3... please help!
    read thru the old pages of posts in this thread or search. there is a registry edit you can do to renew your 14 day trial of simple dns if you like that method. find the post and do the reg edit and your simple dns is good for another 14 days.

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    Pustbunker Guest
    Will 'we' europeans be able to use the same .txt files? I.E. Will the EU ps3 connect to xxx01.ps3.update.playstation.net as well? Im guessing it makes sence to put the PAL firmware somewhere else....

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    slic3r1212 Guest
    for those who are interested; the PS3.ProxyServer.GUI (available in the download area) works for those of us who have 1.54 but don't want to jump to 1.60. Access to the store and to play R:FoM work just fine.


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    joedirt6699 Guest
    after i scan for hosts it comes up with "0 hosts added to the hosts list" what am i doing wrong?

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    Xalcker Guest

    Proxy ServerGUI Crash FIX

    Hi, i found the reason why ProxyServer GUI Crashes.

    Make sure your IP ranges (PC & PS3) doesn't have a 0 (Zero) on it.

    Ex. (PC IP) <---- Will not work. (PS3 IP) (PC IP) <------- Will work just fine. (PS3 IP)

    Hope this helps.

    Greets from MX.

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    Rammstone Guest
    Uhm. I was trying the Simple DNS Plus method but when I got to the adding host adress step I couldnt get further cos I dont know the european ones. Can anyone help?

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    geowarrior Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Rammstone View Post
    Uhm. I was trying the Simple DNS Plus method but when I got to the adding host adress step I couldnt get further cos I dont know the european ones. Can anyone help?
    I too am setting this up ready my PS3 later today, would I be right in thinking the settings for the UK should be:


    both with an IP address of ??

    Thanks in advance

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    Pustbunker Guest
    Im in the Netherlands on PAL FW 1.50 and with PS3.ProxyServer.Gui it works fine with the same adresses! I used the guide on page 38 to get it to work here, thanks asdfroflolmao!

  10. #540
    eternal Guest
    I followed the guide at the start of this thread by Jearo I think but changed the FUS01 and DUS01 to FUK01 and DUK01 and changed the DNS setting on my PS3 to my PCs IP address and it worked no problem.

    Just talked a friend through the same process over the PHONE and his is working too.

    Dont forget to change your PS3 DNS!!!

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