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    BAMitUp Guest
    Damnit have to get a linux pc now? I just started installing linux on my ps3

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    kutibah Guest
    For those without Linux PC, although I'm not sure if this will work, try downloading a Linux Live CD. You can boot up a linux on your PC without installing it. That's what I plan to use (if it will hopefully work with this)

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    Ephemeris Guest
    I have Fedora 5 on my laptop.. I wonder if that'll work O__o

    heh, no use for it though.

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    Cez Guest
    ugh! should I sleep? should I wait! doh!

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    Loan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cez View Post
    ugh! should I sleep? should I wait! doh!
    <CJPC> just waiting on the news post

    should wait IMO :P

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Here is the Tutorial... I will mirror it in the first post also, in case there are updates/changes to it etc. Thanks once again to 'anonymous' and CJPC for sharing this with everyone!

    This is very simple to do (under Linux), with Windows- hopefully someone can get the Ettercap port working properly (I can't!) We are assuming that your PC had your run of the mill development tools installed, if not, check with your distro.

    Note: No, you can not run this under PS3 Linux (unless of course, you have two PS3's). We are also assuming that you have a small network set up, with at least one PC, and the PS3 on it, connected into some type of modem.

    How It Works:

    The PS3 requests a page from $ony servers, that has the latest Firmware version, a download link, region info, etc..
    We are hijacking that DNS request, and redirecting the request to our Web server. The Web server has the same files as the $ony servers, modified however to report a 0.00 Firmware version.

    The PS3 then will check the file it received (the above mentioned file). It removes data (such as Firmware version), and checks it against its own. If the PS3 has a lower FW version than the $ony server, it needs to update. BUT, if the $ony server has a lower version number (or the same), it does not need to update.

    1) Open a terminal window.

    2) cd to an empty directory of your choice.

    3) Type: wget http://superb-west.dl.sourceforge.ne...G-0.7.3.tar.gz

    4) Type: tar xf ettercap-NG-0.7.3.tar.gz

    5) Type: cd ettercap-NG-0.7.3

    6) Type: ./configure --enable-plugins

    7) A bunch of configuration checks and options should scroll by, once completed, at the bottom, should look like this:

    Debug mode ............. no
    Plugin support ......... yes
    Passive DNS ............ yes
    Perl regex in filters .. no
    Iconv UTF-8 support .... yes
    7a) If it fails at any time, due to a dependancy issue, install it (a simple yum/apt-get install XYZ usually does it).
    7b) If Plugin support is no, re-install libtool.

    8) Type: make

    10) Type: make install
    This copies all the files to where they need to be.

    Note: One could also use a text editor to edit the etter.dns file, or any method you choose!

    11) Type: cd /usr/local/share/ettercap/
    Note: If the cd command fails, try cd /usr/share/ettercap/

    12) Type: rm etter.dns

    12a) Type: wget http://www.PS3News.com/etter.dns

    13) Time to play! Turn your PS3 on, connect an ethernet cable, get it booted, network configured etc (to the Internet!)

    Note: if your ethernet adapter is not at eth0, change it to eth1, etc!

    14) Type: ettercap -T -Q -M arp -i eth0 // // -P dns_spoof

    Now leave it alone, it will output a lot of stuff, wait 30 seconds, and go to the PS3, try the store, etc!

    Output on PC should look like: dns_spoof: [fus01.ps3.update.playstation.net] spoofed to []

    The Web server is conviently hosted by us, and any updates are removed, Firmware version is spoofed at 0.00, so unless you’re running a pre 0.00 Firmware, (which you are not) it will work perfectly!

    Hopefully a Windows version will be along soon (although Linux works perfectly, the world somehow still uses Windows).

    For the future: When the big $ shuts it down w/ a Firmware upgrade (dont use DNS to resolve, go straight IP?), there is still hope! We may be able to spoof the entire store, and use PKG files (aka games/videos etc) on our own Web servers, and install them to the PS3 in a roundabout way.

    Also, there is a large potential (with the proper modifications to the PUP) for downgrading!


    'anonymous' & CJPC/PS3News.com

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    naturesbane Guest
    Awesome. v1.1 user made happy!

  8. #48
    BAMitUp Guest

    Thanks Guys!

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    MaleBoricua Guest
    props to CJPC and anonymous for discovering this... hopefully a windows tutorial will surface sooner than later. Question: Do you have to do this everytime you use your PS3 to go online?

  10. #50
    CJPC Guest
    Yes, alss you do, but you could just set up a service to do it for you (every time your ps3 boots up, just run the ettercap command (the one in step 14!)

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