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    kutibah Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gore fiend View Post
    i heard you don't need linux on ps3, just on pc. could be wrong
    That's what I was asking. Cause ever since I got my new 160GB HDD for my PS3, I haven't re-installed linux. If that is the case, I will go ahead and re-install it, I've just been too lazy lol

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    TuRDMaN Guest
    Hmm, if it's just hex editing a firmware update file or something, why would Windows or Linux make a difference? There must be more to it... can't wait til the tutorial's here

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    shizzzy Guest
    Holy crap! This is totally awesome. I've kept my PS3 at 1.10 firmware. So this is most excellent news.

    PS3news - Thanks for the scoop on this scene rocking exploit !!

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    subcarrier Guest
    LOL. Mine is still at 1.00.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    1.00 is fine though... it is supported by this as well so nice @ you're holding out (mine is at 1.10)!

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    mixxxer Guest
    But if it involves using a PC with Linux to hex edit a firmware - we only need 1 person to hex the file - and then share the hexed firmware out to everyone....

    I am sure that is what will happen - there will be ways to get the firmware.

    I am curious though - I guess you can only use a hexed version of the firmware # you already have on your PS3?

    If I have v 1.32 - then can i only use v 1.32 for this firmware check bypass?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Ya, sadly the video is kinda worthless and a rush job... the Tutorial is really the important part though so don't worry.

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    MaleBoricua Guest
    So Linux has to be installed on your PS3 to make this bypass work?

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    CJPC Guest
    Ok Ok, I blame PS3News, thats the only video that was half clear, send your letters to him!

    Furthermore - Linux on the PS3 - NO, you need a LINUX PC atm. This has NOTHING to do with changed firmwares, (although it can in the future w/ some smart hackers!)

    Just read the tutorial (uploading in a few minutes) , if you have any more questions, post em!

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    MaleBoricua Guest
    Damn gotta have a linux pc... figures something i don't have... lol

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