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  1. #351
    uksparx Guest
    Im having problems connceting with simple dns, it just says please update system software.

    Here is my log, ive added jap and us servers.

    0:33:35 Request from for A-record for us.np.stun.playstation.net.
    20:33:35 Sending request to (ns03.playstation.net.) for A-record for us.np.stun.playstation.net.
    20:33:35 Reply from about A-record for us.np.stun.playstation.net.:
    20:33:35 -> Answer: A-record for us.np.stun.playstation.net. =
    20:33:35 Sending reply to about A-record for us

  2. #352
    boss1337 Guest
    hmm uksparx same log I get, I see no sign of it trying to connect to ps3news bypass server address, its like where being intercepted before hand, sure it sounds far fetched but like ive said previously that the first day this bypass method came out I had no problems connecting and the hack working

    ps3news is it possible that my ip address is being rejected from connecting to your bypass server address?

    maybe making the address publicly known has made Sony aware of it and maybe getting access to the address would have been better by request in a pm so you could have kept track of the ip's accessing it, having said that though if Sony was trying to stop it other members here wouldn't be connecting fine to your sever, so I'm at a loss to why I can no longer connect

  3. #353
    classa Guest
    What region do i need to put into simple dns for a hong kong ps3?

  4. #354
    boss1337 Guest
    probably these, might depend on where you are located


    let us know on how you go

  5. #355
    robertr728 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by impalaman View Post
    question, does this also bypass playing games that are firmware pertected, or is the firmware check with in the bd it self. kinda like umd's, just a thought, so i dont go out and waste my money on sonic, thnx.
    man dont waste your time i rented sonic and updated from 1.31 to 1.32 so i could play sonic and that game sucks. i played it for about 30 min and took it out and never touched it again its horrible in my opinion.

  6. #356
    sniper78 Guest
    I had it working on my windows xp laptop. Then the laptop ip ending changed from 101 to 103. So i thought i could just change the settings in the ps3. Now nothing works at all when it was working fine before. I get that error message logged out of ps network and that number.

  7. #357
    boss1337 Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    can anyone explain out of that log on why I cant connect to ps3news bypass server cause its got me stuffed

  8. #358
    classa Guest
    I will give them a try later. I am in the UK with the Hong Kong ps3.

  9. #359
    classa Guest
    It worked. Man i went grey trying to get this to work without the sa and hk names. boss1337 you are a legend. Niceone. Only this is since i am in the uk it only asks me to state my country as USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and Tawain no Uk. I know this is probably beacause the UK machine is not out yet but if it was would i be able to select UK or will these be my only options since it is a Hong Kong machine.

  10. #360
    boss1337 Guest
    yeah I'm in the same boat as you, since I'm in Australia and PS3 isn't on sale here yet I had to choose USA and made up a bodgey USA address, think of some US tv shows to use as addresses

    glad you got yours working, mine worked fine for a day and now I cant get mine to run again

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