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    21Scarface21 Guest

    PS Button Color

    [Register or Login to view code]

    and add the same ip we have been talking about to ADD IP HERE.

    --make sure everything is running then test your connection.

    if this doesn't work try a wired connection or something like that, but this should work. oh and i forgot the code should be

    [Register or Login to view code]

  2. #342
    eistein Guest

    It worked!

    Quote Originally Posted by TuRDMaN View Post
    For those who are having problems with the windows method using SimpleDNS, here's a few observations/tips
    I got this working today thanks to your instructions. Thanks a lot!

  3. #343
    pagodaok Guest

    do you know the names for the japanese PS3?

    For the us, we need fus01.ps3.update.playstation.net and dus01.ps3.update.playstation.net

  4. #344
    CJPC Guest
    Again, its all in the etter.dns file at www.ps4news.com/etter.dns, fjp01 etc!

  5. #345
    ez345 Guest
    there is something wrong with my ps3, I couldn't get connected to the ps3 store or the online game mode, but I could sign into the psn network. I don't understand it was working yesterday, did Sony find a fix for this. Somebody Help.

  6. #346
    llama man Guest
    So is this possible to do with just a ps3 and a computer running windows or do i need a computer running linux also?

  7. #347
    ez345 Guest
    i also noticed that before my ps3 had nat type 2 and now it fails, can someone please help me, now when I enter the ps store I don't see any pictures and I can't play online madden at all.

  8. #348
    dizack869 Guest

    PS3 Download and play issue with Firmware check Bypass

    Ok call me a dork but I decided to pay 4.99 and download Qbert from the PS3 Online Store. I am currently running FW 1.3 on my PS3 and was able to get online via the FW Check Bypass method.

    When I tried to play the game, it says I need to update my PS3 before I can play. Am i SOL or is there somethig that can be done so I can play. Are we able to FW Check Bypass so we can play a game...



  9. #349
    boss1337 Guest
    arghhhhh seriously this crap makes my brain hurt, now I get connection to the server timed out (80710092)

    I give up.

  10. #350
    Doomman Guest
    Also make sure you dont have aim or any aim like programs running. It was interfering with my dns program

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