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Thread: PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed thread!

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    classa Guest
    i have followed both the windows guides and nothing. i get timedout errors, server errors and you need to update the system software

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    Cez Guest
    ugh, it keeps trying to get access to Simple DNS Plus but alas nothing comes up but an error code. I believe this has to do with my router any help would be appreciated.

    ps: I'm using a linksys wrt54gs

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    MaleBoricua Guest
    Patience classa i'm having the same issues just take a few deep breaths and maybe someone will help you

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    classa Guest
    The reason i didn't update my ps3 when i got was i wanted the loader to work. I am on 1.10 firmware, and i want to sign up to the ps3 network and download demos without updating. HELP.

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    ChrisWAFC Guest
    a little off topic but does this allow a jap system to go on the europe gaming servers ?

    Just a thought

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    TuRDMaN Guest
    I would just suggest putting in all of the addresses in the ettercap.dns file, that should cover everything.

    Also, has anyone gotten ettercap working on windows? It always crashes when I try it...

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    kutibah Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by morpheousx View Post
    which wirless adapter are you using?
    I just use a portable D-Link router and I've set it as a client. I just configured it to work with my wifi and I hooked it up to my PS3 via ethernet. Works fine!

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    MaleBoricua Guest
    Windows-System Error....There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network...trying everything but nothing is working

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    ViRGE Guest

    Use Wireshark (ol' Ethereal) to sniff DNS traffic

    Hi, just stumbled over this posting 5 min ago and decided to have a go at it but wanted to check what site names (FQDN) is used for updates - for those of you not sure which site is being looked up in the dns requests and are using Linux, you could run:

    tshark -d udp.port==53,dns port 53

    It may require that you already run your own DNS server (i.e. you run the above command on the server running DNS if your network is switched, which is most likely) in order to sniff the requests that your PS3 is issuing. You will then capture something along the lines of:

    151.412831 -> DNS Standard query A
    151.414171 -> DNS Standard query A
    151.434568 -> DNS Standard query response
    151.435022 -> DNS Standard query A
    151.694658 -> DNS Standard query response CNAME
    151.695286 -> DNS Standard query A
    151.899779 -> DNS Standard query response
    151.900278 -> DNS Standard query A
    152.172740 -> DNS Standard query response
    152.173251 -> DNS Standard query A
    152.408587 -> DNS Standard query A
    152.444440 -> DNS Standard query response CNAME
    152.445150 -> DNS Standard query A
    152.467548 -> DNS Standard query response CNAME
    152.468219 -> DNS Standard query A
    152.490285 -> DNS Standard query response
    152.491005 -> DNS Standard query A
    152.505277 -> DNS Standard query response A A
    152.505719 -> DNS Standard query response CNAME CNAME CNAME A A
    152.505741 -> DNS Standard query response CNAME CNAME CNAME A A

    This will give you an indication of the names being looked up, such as:

    Good luck...


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    CJPC Guest
    Yes, but we already went ahead and stuck all that are currently available and working (and some that will be in the next few months) at (you can open it with notepad), It lists (possibly) dev and final servers, to be safe, they are all there!

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