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    davevt98 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jurai View Post
    as long as the pc running simpledns is on the same network as your wireless router assigns connections to, then the dns method will work
    Are there any free programs like simple dns plus? This program is only good for 14 days and then requires a license key which costs $79. If we could get a free program, that would be great.

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    MaleBoricua Guest
    ok i tried all of the suggestions and still can't get this to work... question... i have a 60 gb ps3... even though it is wireless do you have to use the ethernet cable to the wireless router for this to work?

  3. #133
    JizzMopper Guest
    Great job guys! Thanks for the information. It's a shame that other sites are breaking this news too... and not giving credit where credit is due.

    Thanks again!!!

  4. #134
    BlueWizard Guest
    Works Perfect.

    I am also curious about the possibility of downgrading. But since Im still at 1.32 and the ISO loader works with that, I have no reason to downgrade.

    Thanks for the windows tut

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    hunter316 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jurai View Post
    Here's a simple way to setup your PS3 to bypass the firmware check using a Windows machine as a dns server, its basically the same thing as what Wii users did to use the wii shop as a browser:
    when i go to configure my ps3, what ip adresses go where? here is what my ip adresses look like:

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    classa Guest
    I couldn't get this to work. Maybe i was doing somthing wrong. Anyway im fed up of running windows trying to get this to work. Are there any programs that this would work on the mac.

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    scottlw Guest
    What is the minium firmware needed to access the playstation store? mine is 1.02, Cheers

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    Dopeyman Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by totalpackage181 View Post
    oh sorry one other note, i did this on a mac pro 17 duo core, using parralels desktop... no boot camp here, can os x and xp simultaniously... oh ya baby... this program is worth the $80 but for those that are in the know, those serial numbers sure are easy to find....
    After much reading..... this is the message that I've been waiting to read!!

    But also, can it be done using a terminal window using OSX??

  9. #139
    MaleBoricua Guest
    I followed all the instructions to a T and still nothing... frustration is setting in... lol i'm wondering if it is my wireless router... scratches temple.

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    Desi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by seminolecounty View Post
    just set the ps3's dns to the same as the one for your pc!!! i got it working like a charm, i also have the soa but i guess that doesnt matter!!! at SPYdir, try putting as your ps3's dns when you do the manual setup...everything else should stay the same...not %100 sure but you could try it

    anyway, my question is....i got everything working and i popped in resistance to play online and i got "an udate is required to play online" and im curious if its the 1.51 update or just an update for the disc??? (like in 360 how you have to update like ever new game lol)

    just dont wanna hit "update" and it be the firmware one lol
    I'm pretty sure it's the game's update. Btw, nice work on the guides guys. I'll be sure to test this out. Can't wait to see where this leads next.

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