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Thread: PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed thread!

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    yassel Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by moyhim View Post
    ok got it to work add these to the list :

    dunno if its because i added these or what but Iinternet connection has now succeeded
    and for France, what do i have to add ?


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    tomcoleman Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by moyhim View Post
    Im on a JAP PS3 bud, in the UK
    explian what you did mate as UK people are not able to connect in here...

    details please.

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    SPYdir Guest
    I have a jpn. ps3 and i'm from Turkey. I used the Moyhims list but nothing happened.

    the simple dns icon (at the system tray) has a little box on it that box seems black on me is that normal?

    i have an airties modem at connected to Belkin's Router at

    this is the information take place at my belkin router page whic is at ;

    IP address:
    Subnet mask:
    Wan IP:
    Default gateway:
    DNS Address:

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    Edmarts Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by profmadness View Post
    hay Edmarts: what i did was put my REAL ip address
    in the first DNS box. then i put the one my router gives me "192.168.1.**" in the second box. then everything worked just fine.
    Works perfectly. Thanks

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    SPYdir Guest
    PS: which number do i have to enter ps3 internet settings?

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    ahmad34 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by seminolecounty View Post
    Can anyone confirm that the resistance update is just a game only and not a firmware update? i havent played online since i bought this and im dying to get some time in being i dont work till 3 lol ;p
    yes that update is for resistance. i don't think this is like the psp in which the games check for updates, but rather sony checks when you go online. i do remember having to update for resistance because they fixed some glitches and stuff. awesome game, cya online!

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    tomcoleman Guest
    whats the DNS IP from your PC>?

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    SPYdir Guest
    how could i get my PC dns?

    in command prompt when i type "ipconfig /all"

    dns server seems: and which were set by me manually before.

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    SPYdir Guest
    and at the same screen ip seems

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    seminolecounty Guest
    cool thanks xJOSx it is after i press online multiplayer so it must be just a game update!!! ill try in a few minutes and confirm

    thanks and this is sooo EXCITING!!!

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