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Thread: PS3 Fan Air Mod Guide

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    Frago Guest

    Post PS3 Fan Air Mod Guide

    Hi to all, today i'm gonna share with you my second and excellent Mod for cooling and breath your PS3 100% more from the default station. To tell you the truth i took an idea from Moneymaker guide (Fixing YLOD on PS3).

    While i watching his guide i saw the picture (pic1) and i said this Mod is good for PS3 Air colling and i change a little bit like u see in my guide why Moneymaker's PS3 from back was with a big hole and that i believe was dangerous for PS3, and in the and when your gonna do this guide in ur house and finished pull your hand in the back of your ps3 there you gonna make the holes you gonna be excited like me on how Cool Air the PS3 Fan sucks and the system isn't getting hold like from default it!!!

    So lets go and good luck to everyone who try this at home!!!

    1- I took a drill and i draw some holes above on the ps3 fan so i could see it in the plastic of ps3 and then i make the holes like u see in pic 2, make sure you do many and big holes like mine pic 3.

    2- I put above the holes a Min to hold the dust to get inside to the system see pic 4.

    3- Then i built again and i tested,the results was excellent!!! I wasn't believe how many air was the PS3 Fan sucked so i hope i helped with this guide and thanks to Moneymaker for his guide that i took my idea and you should try this is very easy and useful!!

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    Apr 2005
    +Rep for another nice guide Frago! Much appreciated contribution!

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    Frago Guest
    Thanx boss!!! I help as i can.

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    ruger1234 Guest
    Thank you! I just picked up another second hand 90nm and will have to do something like this.

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    moneymaker Guest
    To tell the truth I didn't made any guide, I've only added a comment to the one DENEGRAO wrote just pointing out that covering holes (more could have been a better idea) with something preventing dust to get inside could have been an improvement, thank him for the guide (and a little me too for the refinement ideas as well ... )

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    Frago Guest
    Yeah i might make the holes bigger and then i'm gonna upload the pics.

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    dyceast Guest
    Hi there, I need to know, does the fan blow out? or suck in air from these holes?

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    d3adliner Guest
    I would assume that it sucks air in, otherwise there wouldn't be much need for the "dust screen".

    I have an idea to add. If you want your place to smell nice and fresh, use a dryer sheet for the screen. :P

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    dyceast Guest
    Yeah, I'm going to do this trick, but use a laptop cooling pad as well... Just need to know so I can get a cooling pad that either blows or sucks as well...

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Are we sure this is a good idea? I would think some pretty in-depth engineering went into designing specific paths and routing for the airflow in these cases.

    Car exhaust comes to mind. Adding huge exhaust pipes can actually hurt your car's performance and decrease horsepower. I can't help but think the intuitive "more airflow is always better" is always correct. Dunno.

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