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Thread: PS3 Fan Air Mod Guide

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    anonyps3 Guest

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    Thanks for this great idea. i've been trying to prevent my 40gb ps3 from ylod'ing again after i fixed it.
    Quote Originally Posted by IslaTurbine View Post
    Are we sure this is a good idea? I would think some pretty in-depth engineering went into designing specific paths and routing for the airflow in these cases.
    depends on your console have u seen the differences between the 40gb and the 60gb?

    in the 40gb they removed all of the bottom half ventilation holes so now barely any cool air comes in from the outside of the bottom half of the case anyway and its pumping warm air through to the gpu & cpu.

    they also replaced the metal air sheild in the 60gb for a plastic one and changed the fan from a 19 blade to a 15 blade fan. i think these changes were because the cpu in the 40gb is 65nm instead of 90nm so it produces less heat but obviously the standard cooling is not enough for my machine since it ylod'ed and it was in the most open area.

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    dyceast Guest
    i actually think its does better.

    I have a 60GB ps3, and after creating the holes, i notice the ps3 tried to suck in way more air from the bottom... Using a Cooling pad/fan, helps wit getting air into the system... Also have some stocking type fabric on the outside as an dust filter... So it can easily be removed or to put on another 1

    The ps3 runs smooth, with cooler air blowing out the back.. so i assume its doing good rather then bad.

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