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    Supercode Guest
    awesome thanks

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    kingbasil Guest



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    coolnaz85 Guest
    hey great post and thanks

  4. #14
    is there a way to preview these? screenshots or vids?

  5. #15
    allstarbaba Guest
    Yeah, is there anyway to preview these?

    I would really like to see if there is any way to preview these because there are 24 themes! I mean it would take forever to evaluate a dynamic theme and then move on to the next. Otherwise, Very nice addition to the hacking scene.

  6. #16
    DJoel Guest

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    Jolin Guest
    really cool, pretty nice theme, thanks for share

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    duman81 Guest

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    Mysteryra Guest

    Thanks a lot.. my son was asking me for this Halloween them for quite a while now.

    Have a nice day

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    Lando43 Guest
    thanks, any chance you can release Dark Soul's free dynamic themes from Japanese PSN store? there are 9 of them I think.

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